with Anita Aheer 


A relaxing deep tissue massage using ancient techniques to relieve stress and take the weight off your feet.


  • 50 minutes = £45

(including consultation)


  • Aromatherapy = £5


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elma kadiric
13:44 10 Dec 18
I had a sports rehab, deep tissue massage with consultation. To begin with Anita was lovley- really friendly and welcoming! She then talked me through what she would do which i found reassuring. She really targeted the areas i told her i felt most pain. I would definitely recomend her!read more
Piotr Lipien
15:13 05 Dec 18
Anita is the best massage therapist I have experienced. She is very strong as well as gentle and will loosen your body throughout the session. I came to Anita with back pain due to heavy work in my construction work and after the treatment My pain had been relieved. Since then I have returned and will continue. I strongly recommend her to everyone. Thank you more
G Singh
00:50 02 Dec 18
Anita was very professional in her service and seemed really passionate about her craft, shes very friendly and down to earth and puts you at ease right away. Ive been suffering with severe pain in the right side of my upper body for the past couple of months. i have been to the hospital, doctors and a 2 different chiropractors. Even though the issue seemed nerve related, i thought i would try a sports massage from Anita. I had the massage 2 days ago and its the best ive felt in weeks, my range of motion has improved significantly and i feel as though im finally on the road to to recovery. Thanks Anitaread more
Sumeet Girdhani
10:18 12 Nov 18
Great back massage for myself & facial for my wife. Anita is a wonderful lady & was great talking with her. Will be visiting again. Prices are very competitive
Gary Reynolds
18:45 11 Sep 18
My first ever sports massage with Anita has been 100% beneficial. She worked on my shoulder and neck area to release a nagging pain that I had for weeks. After the treatment Anita suggested stretches to help me stay mobile and stop the pain from returning, It's quite obvious Anita is completely professional, passionate and extremely knowlegeable in her work. I would definitely be recommending her. Thank you Anita Gary Health & Fitnessread more
Jason Singh
16:12 10 Aug 18
Well I can only say good things about Anita. I have had massages from alot of professionals but Anita is on a another level! Her vast knowledge and expertise is second to none.i have many old injuries which I have been living with but Anita has set me on the right path to help myself, with also the aid of a sports massages. I shall continue with her for a long time even if it's having relaxing massages or other more
mand kaur
20:31 07 Aug 18
For 7 years I have been in a job which involves a lot of driving at working on a laptop. I have built up a lot of knots and tension in my back and shoulders, and my posture was terrible. I have been going to see Anita for a year and it is always a pleasure to have a session with her. Anita has great instinct when treating me, and gives me exercises and stretches to keep my body strong and prevent reoccurring problems. Anita really works to understand my lifestyle so that her recommendations work for me and are sustainable in the long term. One of the reasons I wholeheartedly recommend Anita is because I believe she does everything she can to help me get better, so that ultimately I can complete treatment for more
Emmanuel Nwolisa
18:08 02 Aug 18
Anita loves her job and that passion is consistently reflected in the way she treats her clients. She puts so much energy in every aspect of her treatment. She takes you through the treatment, making you understand what she is doing and why. I came to Anita with back pain, sciatica and knots in my shoulders and neck pain. Being retired and over eighty, I thought she wouldn't help me. She has helped me so much that I have discovered a new me. She is good, very good. I recommend Anita without hesitation to anybody needing effective tailor made massage therapy to help ease more
Dana Tatar
17:04 04 Jul 18
Amazing massage. It is the first time i have been to Anita for massage and let me just tell you it is amazing. Well worth the money. Gave me a full body massage with stretching and exercises to do home. She is amazing at her job. I recomend this. Its what the body needs Dana Tatar Phlebotomistread more
09:55 23 Jun 18
I don't usually write reviews but I have to say I completely agree with all the excellent ratings Anita has, I've been visiting her for just over a month now and all I can say is "WOW". I've had treatment for my lower back and hip pain for over a year at various other physios and sports massage establishments and none of them have been able to even identify the cause of my pains let alone alleviate them. In one session Anita found and began treating the cause of my pains and I've been getting better and stronger ever since. Something as simple as driving used to cause me a lot of pain but now I look forward to it and I owe it all to Anita. She really puts you at ease and uses different massage therapy techniques suited to your body type to treat you in the best way. You never feel pressured into going back again and again like other places but rather you will want to keep returning yourself when she helps take away your pains. She also encourages you and motivates you to look after yourself independently with with a whole host of exercises which really help strengthen and maintain the benefits from each session. People like Anita are very hard to find, they have a natural passion for what they do, deep knowledge and a positive caring nature to genuinely want to help people. Now I've found her I will be constantly going back to keep my body in great condition. I can't recommend her enough, words can't describe how impressed I've been with her, she is definitely someone who can change your life for the better! Asif (IT Consultant)read more
Amy Brookes
15:16 08 Jun 18
Extremely lovely lady, very friendly and welcoming as was my first ever massage. She has worked wonders on my back just in one session. Already booked in for another session and cannot wait!! Highly more
Kiran Chungh
17:01 06 Jun 18
Found Anita on google and luckily she was local. I managed to get appointments quickly as she is very accommodating. The massage it self was tailored to my needs and was very effective. I would recommend Anita on both service and more
narinder kaur
08:35 30 May 18
I took my mother to Anita after reading such wonderful reviews about her, and the service she provides. It is very clear that Anita is an expert in the field she specialises in, and knows exectly what she is talking about. My mother had been experiencing lower back pain and after seeing Anita, and having a short course of weekly sports massages the pain had gone. My mother has really benefited from this. I highly recommend Anita and the sports massage she provides, as it’s not only for people who do sports, it’s for everyday people like my mother who works in a more
David Moore
15:56 21 May 18
Today i had treatment for back and groin pain. Wish i could leave Anita Aheer more than 5 stars. Passionate and very knowledgeable about her profession. Knew what my problem was as soon as i told her where my pains were. Opted for the full hr therapy. Was really well worth it. Came away moving easier than i have done for years. Pain free at last. Recieved good selection of exercises to keep me stretched out as well. Booked me another session for a weeks time cant wait. 10/ more
Mark Ratcliffe
14:51 04 May 18
Found Anita on google. Had already had treatment from four different specialists 2 osteopaths and 2 acupuncture specialists. I had lost all hope in getting rid of the constant chronic pain in my body esp my lower back After 1 session of a tailor made sports massage from Anita I have more movement than ever before. I’m able to do my job more effectively as a driver. Amazing lady. I would highly recommend. Markread more
Steveer Singh
18:34 02 May 18
I feel so relaxed after a full body sports massage from anita.she focused on my lower back which was in lots of pain and after the treatment my back was free from pain she also identified tension in my shoulders as well as my legs which she also massaged deeply with stretches making them loose and mobile. anita then sent me all the relevant stretches to follow up thank you anita i will be returning soon i would certainly recommend anita to anyone who is looking for pain relief and relaxationread more
Hollie Norton
09:28 24 Apr 18
It's clear straight away that Anita loves her job and you feel straight away that you are her top priority. She has a vast knowledge of the body and gives a prescriptive massage which she explains every step of the way. She also gave me exercises to do at home to ease my symptoms and educated me about my body type and the care it needs. She is nothing short of amazing!read more
Bhagat Singh
20:19 09 Apr 18
Miracle Worker - she provided immediate relief when I was stooped over, couldn't stand straight and in acute pain. A 30 minute session later, i felt i could go for a run. Indebted! Extremely good at what she does. Intuitive, careful, sensitive and professional. Haven't met anyone this more
12:30 10 Mar 18
My work involves a lot of physical activity with repeat climbing and abseiling as an antenna and satalite engineer. I was beginning to feel my back pain again due to my historic lower back injury and was in need of any form of help with the current sciatic nerve pain in my lower back. I found Anita on google and I explained my symptoms to her on the phone. She recommended a sport massage based on the details I gave her. Once I was at her clinic in Park Inn, Anita carried out a consultation identifying the problem area and provided a massage that was tailored exactly to my needs, she targeted the problem area straight away finding the cause of the back pain and every effort was taken to ensure my comfort. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the massage treatment. After the treatment I was able to stand up and bend forward without the lower back pain. I was pleasantly surprised. She even sent me a follow up programme like the Stretches I need to do to help myself. I look forward to my next session. I would certainly recommend Anita to my family and friends. 10/10 reviewread more
claire marshall
16:38 13 Feb 18
I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain for around 2 weeks, a footballer friend suggested a sports massage would help me, even though my condition wasn't due to any kind of sport injury, i work as a receptionist and felt the pain had come from constantly answering the phone and sitting in the same position for long periods. I came across Anita by googling 'sports massage', and was most impressed by previous reviews, i sent her an email and from that my appointment was made at a convenient time to suit myself after i had finished work. Anita is very warm and welcoming, gave me a full consultation and analyzed my problem straight away, she's very knowledgeable in her field and got to work on me straight away! Never had i experienced such a deep penetrating massage, she had explained it would be a bit uncomfortable and talked me through everything she did. She gave me an exercise plan to do at home to ease my symptoms. My pain has eased quiet a lot ( in less than 24 hours) she suggested i may need another visit but left that up to me if i wanted to book. I would highly recommend Anita and wished i'd have visited her sooner! Thankyouread more
jaswinder nijjar
16:28 14 Dec 17
Went to see Anita last week... definitely recommended. She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff! I've been to alot of deep massages and have to say this was the one seemed help the most. I had the Sports Massage due to alot of tension from over the years. She gave exercises to do as well which I been keeping up more
Jack Young
01:55 25 Nov 17
I came across Anita when my usual massage center was fully booked. The reviews were of a high standard so I decided to give Anita ago. A quick phone call and a confirmation text was all it took! I was pleasantly met with a welcoming smile which instantly put me at ease. I'd been working hard and was just looking for a relaxation body massage. Anita tailered the massage to myself and knew exactly how to relax me and what muscles to work before I'd even mentioned what problems i was having. The whole experience was incredible and i really did feel like I was in the clouds. I was completely amazed at how Anita had made me feel, never experiencing a massage like that before. Anita is highly experienced, passionate and and went above and beyond to make my experience better than perfect. I will definitely be returning soon and would reccomend anybody to go see Anita, you will be as amazed as I still am. Thank you, more
Simran Jandu
19:37 03 Nov 17
I work as a bakery operator locally and began to suffer from stiffness in my shoulders so I went on the internet and searched for a deep tissue massage and found Anita Aheer at the park inn hotel off the m5 junction 1 motorway island. Anita immediately knew where my tension was coming from and she advised me to have a sports massage which dealt with the problem within one session. After the session I felt no pain in my shoulders and neck, I felt much more loose than before. I was so glad that I met Anita. I also found her to be a very honest person who listened to me and I will definitely be going back to try a relaxation holistic massage from more
Rakpinder Basra
10:28 03 Nov 17
Hi, I came across Anita 2 years ago and can not thank her enough for helping me. her professionalism, extensive knowledge and geniune desire to treat stood out a mile. I've had treatments before but Anita's sports massage is thorough and deals with the root of the problem. I first heard of Anita through a family member, my brother in law who was suffering from chronic back pain due to his occupation being in a desk based job. He had three sessions and went away feeling a millions times better and with the after care knowledge on how to self treat himself. I visited her and have been doing so for the last two years whenever I feel my body needs an 'MOT" or to motivate me to return to the gym. So I booked a sports massage treatment with an holistic approach. After a free initial in depth consultation / assessment Anita was able to identify key problem areas for me which was my back pain and she explained how it was are linked to my posture, my lifestyle and got straight into working on it. The pain disappeared as soon as I got off the couch which was amazing, I could bend without pain. After the session she took time out and showed me additional exercises and stretches which would help me in the future to treat my back pain. I could tell that Anita was in this profession as she geniunly cared and wanted me to be able to treat my back pain issues my self in the future. I cannot thank Anita enough for helping and enabling me to manage my back pain which had been troubling me for years. I would recommened her to anyone, and I have done so, I have now reffered my wife to book an appointment! thank more
12:03 31 Oct 17
I was suffering from back pain and visited various massage therapists who never really resolved my problem. I then came across Anita Aheer Massage Therapies on google. Where do I start! Anita is very professional and she actually takes time out to understand you and your body. Anita carried out an in depth free consultation which was really beneficial, she also makes sure you understand so you can take it back home and carry out day to day routines yourself. So after assessing me Anita suggested I have a tailor made sports massage, I can honestly say after trying a few other places before Anita is definitely the best yet, as an active person myself who partakes in weightlifting and does boxing this treatment really helped me get back on track after being out for 3 months due to back pain. Once the treatment is complete she checks up on your progress after, she sent me a load of exercises and stretches which have helped me massively day to day. Anita's Massage Therapies Clinic environment is soothing and completely relaxing at the Park Inn, Pace Spa where anita is based, with the option of using other facilities such as the sauna which you can use by buying a day pass at half price courtesy of Anita. Very much recommended will be going back soon!read more
Mandeep B
20:54 24 Sep 17
By far the best deep massage I have had. Anita not only advised me during the session, she gave me tips and exercises to do in my own time. My need for deep tissue was specific to my back. Anita quickly identified where the problem started and was able to alleviate the pain. Great credit should be given to her knowledge, skills and ability. Definitely booking again to keep up with my sports massages. Thank you Anita 🙂read more
Colin Greenley
11:13 19 Aug 17
I was unsure about having any massage to help with problems regarding pain I was having in my ankle and hip over the last few months. Just after one treatment from Anita who advised appropriate stretching incorporating breathing exercises that helped reduce my pain and loose the limp I came in with. Brilliant results. 'm Looking forward to my next session, I can certainly recommend Anita to anyone with aches and pains especially Manual workers who have RSI and anyone who needs relaxation. Collin Printerread more
17:31 07 Aug 17
Excellent massage therapy provided by Anita. I wanted a holistic massage to try and make my pain in my back feel less painful, however after a telephone consultation Anita knew I needed a sports massage. The massage got the pain out of my back out of an hour and I was also provided by Anita with stretches to keep the pain out of my back for a long term recovery. Anita goes out of her way to ensure the best for you and I highly recommend more
Sybert M
10:34 18 Jun 17
During my recent trip to Park Inn, West Bromwich. I was welcomed by a dedicated and very helpful staff team at the reception. The restaurant and bar staff are amazing. The reception staff informed me about a spa attached to the hotel as well as all the facilities accessible to residents. Consequently, I effortlessly booked a massage session with Anita who managed to fit me in her schedule. From the moment I walked in, I found Anita to be friendly and welcoming. She briefed me and explained different optionsThe massage Anita gave me was incredible and she used a holistic approach. Intuitively Anita hit upon all my sore spots and tight muscles and knew how to gently massage away the pain. I enjoyed Anita's phenomenal expertise and knowledge so much, that I booked another session and recommended her to my colleagues. In addition, Anita recommended self help exercises, diet and the use of ancillary therapies at home. I highly recommend Anita's services to anyone who wants a fabulous Massage Experience. It worth travelling to West Bromwich for a magical more
Pamela Samra
11:43 30 Jan 17
Magic hands Anita knows exactly what you need. Once you have a massage from her you won't want to go anywhere else! From pampering to deep tissue she can do it all. Sorted out my lower back and hip pain in one session. And my husbands back and leg pains. I can't recommend her highly enough. read more
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