Thank you so much Anita !

I have been going to see Anita for over 5 years now in which she has helped me my emotional and physical health.  After going to physiotherapy and having no results, I came to Anita with my bad knee and she instantly knew the root cause of the problem plus she explained what was causing the pain, and relieved me from my injury that I had for many months after the 1st session was over she gave me techinques to prevent this from happening again.

During all of my massages with Anita she is very professional and also wants to understand her clients mind set to divide an holistic approach.

She is caring, friendly, calm and creates a relaxing/comfortable environment. She is very experienced in her profession plus a very kind hearted lady. I will always be an ongoing client of hers.



Henna May
August 5, 2023

My headaches & neck and shoulder pain all lifted away

  • I suffer with headaches and get pain in my neck and shoulders. I also have backaches. Anita carried out a sports/holistic massage. Anita is so caring and very friendly. All the way through the session she was very informative. She knew exactly where I was having problems and treated the areas. She provided me with lots of different exercises to follow. When she finished my massage I felt like a weight was lifted. I felt my muscles were light and not heavy and tight anymore. My whole body felt different and great. I really enjoyed my massage and I would definitely recommend Anita. I will be going back soon for another session.
Sharon Hawthorne
March 8, 2022

Anita is a God’s send!

Anita has a unique humble persona and she will always endeavour to advise you the best she can (even if this means sending you else where) She has made me feel like we have known one another personally just by engaging, I’m a big lady and I forget this whilst in her massage care. Anita gets to the problem areas and gets to the root of the pain and its so worth it. I first went to her three years ago as I couldn’t feel my left side (turns out it was Cauda Equina and sciatica I had major back surgery) She was reassuring did stretches etc, and I have not trusted anyone else to touch my back.. I have waited Three years to see her again so that can tell you how much I HIGHLY and I mean HIGHLY recommend her. I literally refused to see anyone else. She came highly recommended also. Her reputation precedes her!

shaniel Gordon

November 13, 2021

Much Needed Help

With a few months of lockdown inertia, I developed tenderness and inflammation around my left knee. Not able to bear with the delays in accessing physiotherapist, decided to search for therapy privately. I consider myself very lucky to have come across a thoroughly professional with a lot of experience in this field of muscles and joint injury. Her expertise, motivation and sound advice was priceless. Remaining open minded in accepting help and advice helped me to overcome my personal affliction with my joint. I am one good example of a totally satisfied client with Anita’s sheer experience in this field. Much needed help from Anita. A big thank you.

JP Rajendran
November 21, 2021

Amazing work

I have been suffering from muscle tightness and headaches and got a massage therapy done by Anita for my back, shoulders and neck. Anita managed to release so much tension in my body just in one session. Anita is someone that actually knows what she is doing; beside her great massage techniques, she also provided me with lots of different exercises to follow up and improve my posture and muscle movement.

Definitely recommend Anita if you have any sort of muscle problems and need a good massage therapy.

Marzieh Khoosh
Sales manager, London
September 16, 2020

Very Good

I have done different martial arts for 27yrs, Anita is the only therapist that has come close to my previous Chinese sports martial artist and massage therapist who was also very good.  I appreciate how she’s so informative throughout the massage session to help you understand the root of your problem.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone who want to learn about their body and help themselves get better for the short as well as the long term.

Gerard James
April 4, 2019


A few months back I came to Anita for a sports massage and can honestly say it’s the best one I have received. Being a professional touring dancer I need to make sure I look after my body in the best way possible. Anita advised me exercises I can do whilst I’m on tour and training away from home. She also educated me on the body and muscles I was not aware of!! Honestly I recommend!!!

Professional Touring Dancer

Emily chambers
April 24, 2019

A very big well done,

A very big well done, she was amazing, thanks

Gurvinder Toor
March 7, 2019

Anita has worked wonders.

Visiting Anita is the best thing I ever did, I have seen her twice now and have really, really benefited from doing so. Not only did Anita help with chronic pain I’ve had for a long time, she also advised me and gave me further advice and shown me exercises to do at home. After seeing Anita I had a massive burst of energy which I haven’t had in a long time. She really knows her stuff and has a great background and knowledge of the body, anatomy and physiology and pain management.
Thank you so much Anita, I look forward to my next session xx

Louisa Madders  HeakthCare Worker.

Louisa madders
January 29, 2019


Don’t just take my word for it! Give Anita a try! As a sports person who plays competitively every week, I have had my fair share of sports massages across Birmingham. I must say Anita is hands down the best so far! Her application and knowledge is second to none and she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. It’s not just the treatment you’re getting; you will receive the knowhow about your body and exactly what exercises/stretches you should be doing at home & pre/post exercise.

I woke up this morning with a lot of soreness/stiffness is my hamstrings/calves and quads. After this massage I feel very loose, strong and ready for my match tomorrow!

Another thing is that there is often a misconception that only those who play sport should have sports massages. Nothing could be further than the truth! Our bodies become stiff from mundane tasks and general work if you’re sitting down all day. I highly recommend a sports massage to everyone!

Haider Ashfaq
January 4, 2019

I had a sports massage

I had a sports massage with Anita few weeks back. It was just right. Did wonders with removing the tensions built up over the years. She also gave me some good techniques to go away with to keep the tension at bay.and to help keep the muscles loose and relaxed.

December 18, 2018

Very pleasant surprise

I sourced Anita on the internet and after reading her reviews I decided to book her for my partners birthday. All we can both say was that we had the best massage ever!!! We did not expect Anita to be so intuitive, she was spot on with all our target areas and relieved us of tension we’ve had for a long period of time. You could see the passion Anita has in the way she talks and performs her magic. We will definitely both be booking with Anita for regular massage.

Isara Martin
December 1, 2018

Does the job!

I travel regularly for business and choose my hotels based on motorway access, car parking and leisure facilities so I can train for my combat fighting..oh and a decent bed too! This ticked all the boxes and would stay again.
What topped it off was Anita Aheer’s massage therapy at I went to her due to a back problem i suffered for a week sustained in training. She pinpointed from. Her holistic approach. Her vast experience in field and expertise fixed me by the end of the session! Dont tell my boss but I’ll be booking the park inn many times now because of her services. Great food too guys!
•Stayed May 2013

Sajid Mohammed

West Midlands


Sajid Mohammed
Clinical Assessor
October 26, 2017

Anita Aheer works wonders

I visited Anita after trying almost every avenue possible trying to get my health and mind back on track. After undergoing a heart bypass a number of years back and developing arthritis and blood disorder plus sleep disorder depression crept in unable to be as active as l once was. l tried Anita after l read a great review on Google plus it was close to the area l live. Anita as helped me immensely with mobility ,motivation and relaxation.l thought l would just have to put up with the pain of my mobility and just get on with life but after treatment from anita and advisory stretching tips l now know l can live a much better life mobility wise and mentally prepared to achieve this. Anita does things on such a personal level connecting to what your needs require body and mind.Anita is a lady of passion for her work and it inspires you as soon as you meet her


Source: TripAdvisor Review

Wayne Beckett
July 29, 2017

Fantastic Job

I had a sports massage with Anita a while ago and she did fantastic job. She did wonders with my lower back, I’m either siting at my desk or driving long distant hence the issue I had. She was so informative and knew what she was talking about and also put me at ease and made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend Anita and I will definitely be booking again at some point with her.

Sandip Mahau
May 19, 2017

Anita Aheer A Miracle worker

5 of 5 bubbles – Reviewed 17 September 2016
Anita is a miracle worker. I was suffering from lower back pain, Anita assessed me, showed me a range of exercises and worked on my muscle knots in my back. Exercises worked and after a week just minor twinges, Anita even showed me how to get out of bed without hurting my back. Been again to today for a follow up, sorted my shoulder caused by using a mouse. A brilliant relaxation massage made me feel great. Anita is brilliant, lovely personality, kind, warm and a pleasure to be in her caring hands. Cannot recommend anymore highly, Anita is ten out of ten with 5 stars.


Source: TripAdvisor Review

Andy James Smith
Computer Quality Control
September 17, 2016

Great hotel facilities with Anita’s Bespoke treatments

I stayed in the park inn radisson hotel on Anita’s Recommendation (the amazing on site sports masseuse) so I could take a break from my hectic life and receive one of Anita’s tailor made treatments.

In the main reception Guillian was extremely welcoming and Khalil went out of his way to be helpful. He immediately changed my room to another room nearer to the spa centre so I could visit the spa over the weekend.

The staff in pace spa are great too.
Theo was very friendly and showed me around which was useful.

The highlight was Anita and her therapeutic treatments.
I am 6 months post partum and although labour is thankfully a distant memory, I am still suffering with remnant aches and pains. Anita undertook a detailed consultation with me and delivered a bespoke massage which has finally allowed me to be pain free for the first time in 6 months. Not only did she provide a massage but targeted my trouble areas holistically, teaching me exercises which would help me to maintain results and finishing the session with relaxing reiki. The woman has magic hands!!

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Saba Yafai
September 10, 2016

Excellent therapist Anita Aheer

I found Anita on the internet so I contacted her and she strongly suggested we benefit from the hotel’s spa facilities…steam, sauna, and zaccuzzi to compliment the treatments she had tailored for us. This was a brilliant idea as we felt totally pampered and relaxed as if we had a day out at the spa.

I had Anita’s sports treatment to relieve my lower back pain combined with reiki and at the end which made me feel like I was floating.
My friend had the holistic healing reiki combined with a foot massage.
And she too felt floating and rejuvenated.

Anita is an experienced, knowledgeable professional who carried out a thorough consultation and worked alongside our individual needs.

She recommended a realistic aftercare exercise programme to follow up in order to help prevent my sciatic pain returning in my lower back / leg and it WORKs.

Weather you want a sports massage to release tension or simply an holistic massage to be pampered.

We would highly recommend Anita’s therapies to anyone who wants a relaxing day out at this spa with excellent results from Anita’s therapies.

Thank you Anita.

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Team W
August 18, 2016

Sports Massage

Felt the need to leave a note of recommendation for Anita; the massage therapist at the Park Inn West Bromwich.
Booked a session a couple of days ago and must write to thank Anita and share the effective sports massage I endured. Really professional in her approach and couldn’t fault the experience and effectiveness of her technique. Thanks Anita, will be booking again soon.

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Steve Oakly
July 11, 2016

Must see – Anita Aheer – excellent holistic/sports massage therapist

I can’t recommend Anita highly enough – she is a highly skilled, professional, caring, intuitive and insightful massage therapist. I visited the fitness centre just to see Anita who was recommended to me by a work colleague. Anita’s treatment room is a relaxing sanctuary in the fitness centre.
I felt able to totally trust Anita in my first session which is quite something for me as I am myself an experienced body worker and psychotherapist and I am very careful about who I receive treatments from.

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Mel Phillips
July 10, 2016

Anita’s Massage

Anitas massage is worth the stay at the park inn radisson West Bromwich.

I felt a real need to write this review because of Anita’s perfect therapy experience i recently received.
I found anita on Google agree 100% with her outstanding reviews and thought I would try her whilst travelling through Birmingham from london.

I am really pleased Anita advised me to stay in the hotel for the night so I could easily access her treatments and relax from my travelling.

The hotel was clean, Gerry and Lana at main reception were very warm, welcoming and friendly.
However, what made my stay into the most memorable stay was the Sports Therapy massage I received from the medically trained sports and relaxation therapist Anita incorporated her trigger point therapy into the treatment to target the problem areas / knots and tightness within minutes.
I have had a bad back since 2013 which has resorted me in having sciatica in my left leg. I have been to numerous physicians who claim to deliver sports massages, deep tissue massages, doctors, sports physios the lot. I’ve spent over 3k on treatments which didn’t relieve my chronic pain.

I’m so glad I thought I’d give Anita a try and thank god I did because after one treatment I became pain free. She also gave me realistic stretches to prevent future issues. No one has done this holistic approach in the last few years. She truly is genius and an honest caring professional lady who has magic in he hands. She has eased my pain and my movement is back and I can continue doing things which I was restricted in doing before. I got my life back. Thanks anita.

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Harry Haroon Aslam
Lookman Weight lifter
June 16, 2016

Great place to stay and be pampered

The two occasions I have stayed, I remember being warmly welcomed by Gerry and Lana.

The room was ideal for my stay, free Wi-Fi, and the breakfast was ample.

During my stay I was looking for a sports therapist and I decided to see Anita Aheer for a treatment having read her outstanding reviews, coincidently the above reception staff also recommended I go and see Anita for my nagging ache in my lower back that I had been suffering for some years.
Anita immediately identified it as sciatic pain and she increased my range of movement within the first session and gave me beneficial health advice to manage my condition.
Since my back is now recovered I decided to return for another treatment, This time Anita tailored a complete holistic relaxation massage for me. This was wonderful and no doubt the best I’ve ever had and I would really recommend Anita’s treatments to anyone looking to completely relax, Thank you Anita

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Andrew Grey
May 16, 2016

Anita Aheer massage therapist

Hi everyone, anyone staying at park in hotel or looking for a very good therapist to help you relieve any stress I would highly recommend Anita I am honestly very impressed with her service today of the massage she did; not only was it professional and therapeutic Anita is a real people’s person and just is a very talented and welcoming person and understands her work very well.


Independent Review
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Sandy Sumal
March 16, 2016

best I have ever had!

Over the last 20 years I have been in constant pain due to a major snowboarding accident. I’ve had countless sessions with many different physios, osteopaths, sports and deep tissue massage specialists and I can say hands down the sports massage that Anita gave me yesterday is the best I have ever had!

Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings
March 10, 2016

Anita Aheer’s Most Relaxing Sports Massage Ever at the Park Inn Radisson

Amazing!!! Is what comes to mind after my massage therapy session with Anita
Well I have a few problems including a bad knee, and shoulder and dodgy hips and dont forget the lower back pain!
I have been to the doctors, various physio sessions (nhs & private) and had different massages including sports and deep tissue.
None of these provided a noticeable improvement.

Luckily for me, I came across Anita with a quick search on google after climbing ‘Ben Nevis’ in Scotland and driving the team there & back for 8 hours each way.

She booked me in & gave me amazing advice, including what the cause of each pain was from and how to solve it!
A sports massage for each problem that after the first session starting to fade. I am truly lost for words.
All I can say is book a session and let Anita help you to get your body back in working order and pain free!
Anita strongly recommended to use of the spa facilities before having the massage to soften the muscles.
A hot soak in the jacuzzi, a relax in the steam and sauna prepared my body before the massage therapy (only £5 if your booked with Anita, or free if you are staying in the Hotel)

I am becoming a regular visitor now at the Park Inn.
It’s easy to find, staff at the spa reception Matt and Theo are great and always extremely helpful. Sometimes I get a drink in the main hotel after the treatment (waiting for rush hour to clear before returning home).
Lana and Eva at the main reception are welcoming and Chantelle serves a tasty Latte.

I will be recommending Anita’s therapies (and the hotel facilities that come with her) to all my colleagues and friends.

If you are staying at this hotel you are so lucky that you have Anita who can do a healing relaxation therapy as well as a relaxing sports massage treatment.

Treat your body to a massage, you body will thank you for it!

Stayed November 2015, travelled solo
Independent Review
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Mike Lowry Dudley
November 16, 2015

Attentive Anita Aheer sports massage therapist

I did a lot of research to find a massage therapist to help relieve my neck,back,shoulder tension. I came across Anita and booked a consultation… from the start she is professional,knowledgeable and skilled.. I explained my issues and she dealt with them with ease.. she knows exactly what she’s doing and adapts treatments to suit what you want and she will do what’s needed… ever time I leave feeling relaxed de-stressed and my body feels light and right..
She does what’s needed and even sends you home with appropriate exercises to maintain the work she’s doing.. I suffer with sinusitis..her facial drainage and pressure point therapy always help relieve…
I highly recommend her if you train run do sports have issues with tension or just want a relaxing massage she will not disappoint. She is at the top of her game and has an abundance of qualifications.. she’s a blessing…
What are you waiting for book in with

Independent Review fro Tripadvisor
Source: TripAdvisor Review

October 16, 2015

amazing holistic massage

Anita gave me the most amazing holistic massage inbetween my exams that took place at the hotel. It was by far the best massage I have experienced. She understood my current state of mind and was very perceptive in her assessment of me and the treatment I needed. I only had half an hour to spare but I will be back for more in the future and will recommend her to everyone I know. She has a very special ability which I liken to healing hands and I am so pleased I had the fortune to be treated by her. By the way I passed my exams too so thank you so much Anita and see you soon 🙂

Sarah Hammond-Jones
October 3, 2015

I would recommend anyone to visit Anita for a treatment

Anita is a really nice educated yet down to earth women who has helped my back get better after only 3 treatments and I will be using her again in the future. I am pleased to say I had the Sports massage from her which really helped get rid of an annoying pain in my back. I had previously been going to a physio therapist and an osteopath who only managed the pain and I had to keep going back. However with Anita’s treatment and honest advice of working alongside the physio and osteopath the pain decreased. I would recommend anyone to visit Anita for a treatment as she will give you honest advice to help you to move forward.

Harry Wall
July 27, 2015

Friendly hotel, good food, amazing therapist Anita Aheer

I’m an electrician, from Leeds, but I’m often on contract work in the West Midlands. Even if the job is in, say, Tamworth or Coventry, I’ll stay at the Park Inn at J1 of M5. The hotel is perfectly fine for an overnight stay, but to be honest the reason I return to this hotel is because I found a real gem in the therapist based at the hotel, Anita Aheer (more in a moment).

I always receive a warm welcome from Lana, Gerry and Christine at the hotel reception. It makes a big difference. The rooms are pretty basic, but are always spotless. Considering the proximity of the hotel to the M5, and that it hosts various functions, I’ve always found the rooms to be nice and quiet.

The food seems to have improved this past year. The restaurant cooks a good, tender steak, which you don’t always find in a hotel. It’s priced reasonably. I don’t tend to sample the desserts because I’m looking after myself, but they look tempting. In the morning, there’s plenty to choose from the buffet style breakfast, and a lovely lady called Diane serves my coffee the way I like it.

The hotel has a gym and spa facilities on site. They’ve improved these facilities massively over the past year or so. Again, the staff are always a pleasure, especially Jack, who’s always smiling. I tend to use the jacuzzi and the steam room, and Anita always reminds me to make the most of the spa facilities and turn my stay into a full-on pampering session, which for an electrician is a rare treat.

But like I say, Anita is the reason I keep returning to the Park Inn. I’ve been receiving treatment from Anita for 3 years now. She’s highly qualified, and an expert in several therapeutic techniques. I invariably opt for her 90 min blend of sports and holistic massage. I never need to update Anita about any problem areas where I’ve been experiencing pain or tightness, she finds them instantly. I was a bit worried that she might be unable to treat me after I’d had an operation recently, but Anita figured out how to safely work around it, no problem.

Anita’s technique always sorts out my physical aches and pains, but I also find it’s a powerful experience that relaxes and clears my mind, and washes away any stresses and strains. Just what I need to embark on the journey back up to God’s Own Country!

I’d recommend the Park Inn, but make sure you book yourself a therapeutic massage with Anita while you’re there.

Eddie J
Leeds, United Kingdom

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Eddie J
July 16, 2015

Absolutely fantastic beauty treatments by Anita- Holistic massage

I have had many many massages all over the World and this was by the best I have ever experienced.
Through superb communication and efficient booking process Anita was able to accommodate myself and family members at short notice. She was empathetic to our requirements and made us feel totally at ease.
The treatment – a full hour holistic massage was the best massage I have ever experienced and left me feeling truly relaxed, rejuvenated and tense free.
My sister in law practically crawled in, in agony from a painful backache and came out pain free and totally relaxed.
I would definitely do the 220 mile round trip again just to experience this treatment again.

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Georgina O Moody
June 6, 2015

amazing massage by Anita

Anita Aheer - Massage Therapies

The massage anita gives is not only amazing but uplifting. I felt reenergizing and relaxed at the same time. The combination of therapies and unique blend of anita’s personality is definately worth booking in for. I have tried other massages before but the way Anita approaches the thearpy is just brilliant. i loved the way she recognised the aches and pains within 5 minutes.
I will be booking her again soon.Independent Review for Tripadvisor on my stay there.
amazing massage by Anita

I went to the health spa for a massage by Anita. it was amazing. The unique service provided is great. I’ve had massages before but none like hers. It was eye opening and educational at the same time. I would definately recommend it.

Stayed June 2015, travelled solo
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suki Hayer
research scientist
June 1, 2015

Very nice and friendly staff

I,ve stayed at this hotel quite a few times now, I travel quite a bit and after a hard day and work you just want to relax, and the reason why I choose to stay here is because the staff are very friendly and the rooms are always clean which is very important to me.
I also enjoy a very nice relaxing treatment from the Anita who is based at the hotel. Like I said I do a lot of driving in my job and the tension always builds up, I also can suffer from back ache, Anita offers various massage therapies that always help me relax. I do feel so much better and full of energy after Anita’s massage, she is very professional and can bespoke her therapy sessions to suit your needs. This hotel has so much more to offer then your typical hotel out there. The gym and swimming pool facilities are great. I would always stay here when I am in the area and look forward to booking with Anita again.

Stayed May 2014, travelled on business

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Talat Ahmed, Oxford
Sales Director
May 27, 2015

Anita Aheer ‘ sports massage / injury treatment ‘…amazing

After arriving at the hotel and booking in I noticed the Spa treatment facility was available , I went to the Spa reception and asked about treatments available and the helpful staff told me about ” Anita Aheer ” so I booked a 90 minute slot with her for that afternoon !

Well where do I start with the treatment I received …she was so warm and welcoming , made me feel at ease straight away , along with the gigantic amount of knowledge she has about the human body / understanding of my injury instantly I was instantly relaxed & strongly recommend Anita Aheer to anyone visiting the hotel .

Hotel facilities and rooms were actually ok .


Source: TripAdvisor Review

James Mcguilitty Worcester Heating Staffordshire
April 23, 2015

Anita Aheer’s Massage is the best facility at Park Inn

I came to a birthday function at this hotel recently. The reception staff Lana and Luke were very polite and helpful as they reminded me to enter my car registration into the monitor as I had a long day and feeling very tired. I mentioned to Lana that I had been looking for someone to give me a good aromatherapy massage as my regular aromatherapist who I used to use for many years has retired. Lana gave me Anita’s card and told me she came highly recommended. So the day after the party I searched the net and found Anita’s website. I read the reviews which were amazing and thought I would give Anita a try. I am so glad I did, Anita’s reviews were spot on. I called her up and booked an appointment with her in the Spa section of the hotel. Anita discussed what I required on the consultation and recommended the right therapy to suit my condition. I am so glad that I decided to go with the Holistic massage as it dealt with my back issues that were niggling me for many years, on top of that she provided complete relaxation using the aromatherapy oils.
Anita is very good at what she does and very effective with her massage treatments which is clearly based on her academic qualifications / knowledge and experience as a sports therapist and relaxation therapist in which she combines the yoga breathing techniques during massage. .
After my initial massage I have returned for many more and now have become a regular. Anita is extremely professional with a calming aura, able to put you at ease in the first consultation session so you are relaxed even before you have your treatment.
Highly recommended, thanks for the fantastic massages Anita
Thank you Lana for directing me to Anita.

Stayed March 2015, travelled with family

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MZ Sundi
April 16, 2015

Thanks for the fantastic massage Anita

I have been looking for someone to give me a good massage as my therapist who I used to use for many years has retired. After searching the net found this site read the reviews and thought I would give Anita a try. I am so glad I did, Anita discusses what you require on the consultation and recommends remedial therapy to suit your condition .
Don’t be fooled Anita is very good at what she does and very effective with her massage. I had visited for an Aromatherapy massage but whilst having the massage Anita found other issues with my back and incorporates the massage to suit you.
After my initial massage I have returned for another and will be a regular. Anita is very professional and has a calming aura, well recommended thanks for the fantastic massage Anita

April 15, 2015

Ultimate pampering with Anita Aheer’s massage therapy

When you find a hidden gem, what should you do? Keep it to yourself, or tell others so they can enjoy it too?

I stayed at the Park Inn at West Bromwich with my husband last year, and promised to return when visiting people in the new year. This time I brought a friend and during our three-day stop we made the most of the hotel’s proximity to Birmingham’s shops and nightlife.

But the highlight for both of us was a fabulous treatment at the hotel’s spa by the wonderful therapist Anita Aheer.

This time I opted for a 90 minute treatment. I was looking to relax and get away from it a little, and Anita recommended her healing hot stones holistic massage. She’s such a warm and welcoming person and you instantly trust her, and at the same time, she’s remarkably intuitive, understanding (from signals that I didn’t feel were that obvious) exactly how to blend her expert techniques.

The treatment combined deep tissue techniques which un-knotted my tired body with the ultimate pampering of the deep heat from the hot stones therapy. The 90 minutes could have been two or three hours, as at the end of it I felt like a new woman, a good few years younger. My husband remarked on how refreshed I seemed when I got home!

My friend opted for a different treatment, where Anita worked wonders teaching some yoga-like stretching techniques, and finished with reiki therapy. The lovely thing is that my friend is usually quite nervous and unsure of therapies, but she and Anita instantly got on like life-long friends. Anita has none of the pretension or competitiveness that you sometimes find with therapists, she’s completely genuine and wonderfully welcoming.

The hotel itself is wonderfully convenient. Sure, it’s not the Ritz or a country retreat, but that’s not the point. The staff are friendly and did all they could to help us during our stay.

We had a warm welcome from Gerry on arrival, and when we were checking out, the receptionist, Larna, couldn’t do enough for us, everyone was very helpful.

At the end of the day, it’s Anita who’s a real hidden gem, and I’m looking forward to booking another treatment with her as soon as I’m back in the area. If you’re staying at the hotel, or live in the area and fancy spoiling yourself, you owe it to yourself to book in with Anita, take a few years off your life, and maybe make a new friend, too.

Stayed February 2015, travelled with friends

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Claire Jones NHS DIVISION Exeter
February 26, 2015

Anita Aheer Massage Therapist if staying at the hotel book up

Good points:
The hotel was booked through my company so I had no choice. Reception was a quick process sign on the line instead of loads of forms.
Internet was good once it connected
Room was too a good standard, shower only no bath and women u may agree a fixed head shower is a nightmare if u don’t want to get your hair wet….but good pressure and temperature range
Various tv channels and flat screen tv
Bed was very comfortable and range of pillows
I personally found all staff helpful and approachable. The girls in the bar showed appropriate humour and interacted with Guests, which is good to see.
Breakfast (and dinner)is a buffet style all good quality and replaced regularly. Staff need to interact more on entrance to the restaurant sometimes comes across as disinterested when actually seeing some of the staff at other times I can see they are proud of their work.

Average points:
Large groups of younger guests let’s say teenagers, well behaved but walking around in a duvet in public areas, think this should have been challenged
If you are vegetarian, if you ask the staff for vegetarian breakfast, they will provide, I stayed for 3 nights, first morning they couldn’t provide vegetarian sausages but subsequent days they did.
Restaurant staff can come to take your plate a little early or prior to the table finishing. A little issue that I have from childhood that I couldn’t leave the table till everyone has finished so the plates were never cleared till everyone had finished.
The gym is free for guests it is busy at 1630 to 1900hrs the normal finish work time.
I say average points as all these things may not happen when you stay and would not put me off from staying again

Best by miles:
I have travelled through work and social for years and been to high class hotels, but I can truly say book Anita Aheer for a massage for yourself. She is knowledgable on how to best loosen knots in your problem areas.
I booked through attending the gym at the hotel but I had seen reviews on TA prior to visiting and now know she has a website and mobile phone text or ring booking.
The room has a calming environment,different lighting for different times within your massage, comfortable table, clean and great range of oils. Anita discusses your aches, ailments etc and then advises you of the oils she will use and the reasons why, great knowledge base and informative to me.
Whilst on the table, Anita checked in regularly on pressure and was able to find knots and tension points with ease, also advising possible reasons for them.
What I thought was brilliant was she was able to assess muscle tone and advise of stretching that would benefit me. Hot yoga?!?! Well Anita disclosed she was a yoga teacher and benefits of certain stretches to relieve sciatica etc. so where does the hot come from?? Sauna yeap. This lady knows her stuff..
So 60 minutes at a reasonable cost (minus time by 10 will give you the price for my massage) and it was worth it..
The whole process from booking to day after the massage was brilliant, (day after the massage, yes Anita had informed me that I will feel like I have completed a hard gym session). I received a personal text message enquiring how I felt etc
I live 2 hours away but travel from Birmingham airport occasionally so I will book another massage with Anita soon.
Anita sells herself on brilliant customer support and follow ups, not pressurising sales of products etc, knowledge base, holistic approach and being able to put her clients at ease.

So would I recommend the hotel yes
Would I recommend getting a massage definitely

Stayed February 2015, travelled on business

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Natalie Evans, Gloucestershire
February 6, 2015

Brilliant massage!

Excellent value hotel with good sized rooms and convenient location. We stayed here for a chess tournament with our son and were very happy with the place. Excellent massage with Anita… Highly recommended if you like a deep and strong massage! Not cheap but worth every penny. Food served for the chess group was not good, and gym rather small and busy, but for the price we were delighted.

Stayed January 2016, travelled with family

Independent review
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Miranda Shaw
January 15, 2015

The best massage ever

My mum had an amazing massage`by Anita Aheer and it left her a new woman! Anita is really kind and caring and delivers that in her approach to her work. I would highly recommend her and wish we lived near Birmingham so she could see her every week.

Stayed January 2015, travelled with family

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Joe from France
January 15, 2015

She is the real deal

I have had a lot of massages but Anita is by far the best. I will recommend her to everybody as she is the real deal. I was so achy and stressed out and her holistic approach has made me feel fresh as a daisy. If you want the total package, book Anita. She is also the sweetest and kindest lady you could ever meet.

Illusion Artist
Source: TripAdvisor Review

Samuel Leeds
Illusion Artist Birmingham
December 15, 2014

Must see fabulous holistic reiki massage

Great stop-over hotel in Midlands. Must see fabulous holistic reiki massage therapist Anita Aheer.
Calling all ladies feeling in need of rejuvenation. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a visit to this place. Or better yet, get your husband or partner to treat you, like mine did a few days ago.

I’ve long used Tripadvisor to read other people’s reviews, but this is the first time I’ve been so thrilled by a lovely experience at a hotel that I’ve felt the need to join Tripadvisor to tell other people about it.

My husband and I didn’t get away on holiday in the summer, but booked a short break in the Lake District, with a stop-over at Park Inn, breaking the loooong journey from Exeter. Honestly, my expectations were it would be your basic Travelodge type of place, a series of identikit bare rooms with nothing to do during the stay. Wow, was I wrong!

The hotel has a gym, pool and spa attached to it. I wasn’t aware of this, but hubby had done his homework. He’d treated me to a gift voucher for a treatment with one of the therapists at the spa, Anita Aheer. What a lovely surprise.

My first impressions of Anita were that she was actually taking the time to get to know me, and to understand the type of therapy that would be most beneficial for me. I’d been thinking that a nice aromatherapy massage would be just right, but when I commented that I felt low on energy and was hoping to feel revitalised, Anita also explained to me about the benefits of reiki.

Wow, what an amazing experience! No other holistic therapist has ever helped me as much as Anita. Her relaxation technique is fabulous, and her skills in reiki are superb. I felt all that stale, negative energy get released and dissipated, and came away completely revitalised and reinvigorated, with a new lease of life.

The amazing thing was, after we moved into the reiki following the holistic relaxation massage, I could have sworn that the reiki part of the appointment lasted for easily half an hour, and I was worried that we had run way over our time, but it had only actually taken perhaps ten minutes, and just shows how incredibly well Anita enabled that “out of body” feeling for me.

And it felt like I’d made a new friend, as Anita has such a gentle, caring nature that put me at ease instantly. She has a reassuring tone of voice and way of speaking, and is obviously extremely knowledgeable about her craft. I’ve told my friends that if they’re ever travelling to the top of the M5 they owe it to themselves to stop over at Park Inn hotel and book a reiki treatment with Anita.

What else can I say about the hotel?

Some people have said it’s hard to find from the motorway junction, and I had better not talk about map-reading arguments in the car, but we found it was easy as long as you realised that the route is a bit counter-intuitive, as you have to take the exit before the one you expect, then turn off onto a road that cuts underneath the one you might instinctively take, but a glance at a map and some decent road signs meant it was fine for us.

The room itself was a bit more comfortable than I had expected, and the staff were welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable about the area and facilities.

Hubby made use of the gym while we were there, and said it had more than enough equipment and decent facilities.

We’ve already planned to stop over at Park Inn again when we travel to see relatives closer to Christmas time, and will both be booking in with Anita Aheer while we’re there. I’ve already recommended this hotel to friends, and hope some of you reading this will take a look for yourselves too.

Stayed October 2014, travelled as a couple

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Claire Jones
October 24, 2014

The real find is the therapist, Anita who has helped me overcome a number of sports related injuries.

I have stayed at the Park Inn on several occasions; a very convenient hotel for business with very friendly and helpful staff. The sports facilities have been upgraded recently but the real find is the therapist, Anita who has helped me overcome a number of sports related injuries. She has developed a personalised and tailored approach to my treatment. Not only has she kept me mobile but she has taken the time to explain the longer term factors behind my injuries but has built up from day one a holistic plan to improve balance, relieve tension, improve flexibility and keep me injury free. Keeping herself up to date with the latest techniques, Anita offers great knowledge and experience in the quest for well being.

Alan Holmes

Independen Review
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Alan Holmes
October 15, 2014

A very pleasant stay – The hidden gem in the crown is Anita Aheer

I have stayed at the Park inn on many occasions and always find the staff friendly and accommodating. The hotel is very clean and the food good and conveniently situated for the motorway. However the hidden gem in the crown is Anita Aheer the therapist, this woman is a wonder.
On your first visit she finds out what problems you have and what your needs may be, then tailor makes the treatment to suit you best but the thing that impresses me is her attention to detail. She must make lots of notes or have a very good memory as she remembers everything from previous visits, checking if you have been doing the stretches she has told you and her lovely personality makes her a delight to meet. I took my Partner with me this time on to have Anita work her magic and so far her bad hip is feeling a lot better.


Stayed October 2014, travelled as a couple
Independent Review
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Malcolm Bland
October 15, 2014

I thoroughly recommend her tailored treatment.

You can see all these testimonials to Anita’s skills. What are you waiting for? Give her a call and book an appointment – I thoroughly recommend her tailored treatment.

Anita has a rare blend of science and, frankly, magic, and if you’re anything like me, you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to genuinely get your body back on track.

For too many years, I’d put my body through a routine of driving cramped in my car and sitting slouched at my desk – taking exercise, but not listening to what my body was trying to tell me. My hamstrings were so tight I couldn’t touch my toes – and my shoulders had more knots than a Boy Scout manual.

I’d had two or three sports massages in the past to try to address these issues. Those therapists were adequate, and I got some benefit – for a short while – but I was just another routine case, and they were happy to simply ease the symptoms rather than helping me to tackle the cause of the problems. So I was a little sceptical – but Anita is completely different.

I told Anita she reminded me of Derren Brown – in a good way – because of her uncanny knack to perfectly identify my problem areas with very little input from me.

She honed in on exactly the right places and applied techniques that – while moderately uncomfortable at the time – have made a lasting difference. But not only that – she also taught me a set of practical stretching exercises so that I have been able to continue to benefit after the treatment session – and they’re really helping.

Still not convinced? Well, fine, because on one hand, I want more people to know about Anita’s skills so they can also benefit – but on the other hand, if too many people book, I might not be able to get an appointment when I next need one… Seriously, what are you waiting for? The number you need is at the top of the page…

Andy Jones

Andy Jones
Writer Birmingham
September 18, 2014

Anita is an amazing therapist with the knowledge and understanding to cater to your bodies needs.

Anita is an amazing therapist with the knowledge and understanding to cater to your bodies needs. I’ve previously had several massages from Anita and have always been a satisfied customer so i recommend Anita to family and friends whenever they are feeling any aches or pains . I most recently visited Anita to purchase a gift voucher as i cant think of no other more relaxing way to spend your birthday than to receive a relaxation massage from her. Since being heavily pregnant Anita also recommended some of her holistic massages that she offers to pregnant women and showed me a demonstration on the areas of my body that would mostly benefit to her customised massage. Just after 5mins with Anita i instantly felt a big difference to the pressure and swelling of my feet. She truly is an expert therapist . Cant wait to get booked in again. 🙂

Jodie Cooke
Personal Assistant
West Midlands

Jodie Cooke
September 7, 2014

Anita is awesome!

Sports Massage Therapy & Tension Relief Head Massage

Anita is awesome! Following the initial consultation (not to mention the 6 years as a TV cameraman that destroyed my upper back and shoulders) the work she has done has almost completely remedied my physical problems!

She also exposed, and subsequently corrected other physical issues. Its not only her brilliant techniques but also her uncanny sense of empathy that is marvellous and effective.

I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Stewart Lawley
CEO at ROK Telivision CBBC

Stewart Lawley
August 12, 2014

Anita is awesome!

Anita is awesome! Following the initial consultation (not to mention the 6 years as a TV cameraman that destroyed my upper back and shoulders) the work she has done has almost completely remedied my physical problems!

She also exposed, and subsequently corrected other physical issues. Its not only her brilliant techniques but also her uncanny sense of empathy that is marvellous and effective.

I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Stewart Lawley
August 12, 2014

Anita Aheer is truly a cut above the rest!

I know there are lots of other therapists out there but Anita Aheer is truly a cut above the rest! After spending 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer at work and then another 4-5 hours on an evening working on my doctoral studies (for the last 6 years) I ended up with lots of knots, muscle ache and soreness. After the first session with Anita applying an Holistic approach (which I now know is about using a range of massage techniques) I felt so much better. She was even able to get to a knot under my shoulder blade which I had known was there for about two years. I had been to other therapists but none were able to alleviate the symptoms I was experiencing as much as Anita has. Even the exercises she gave were specific to meet my needs and more than anything….they actually worked. Definitely worth the money….Plus she’s such a calming, lovely person whose easy to get along with which makes it all the more enjoyable! So thanks Anita.

Trainee Psychologist

Gurpreet Chopra
Trainee Psychologist Birmingham NHS
August 2, 2014

Anita was able to get deep in to the muscle structure, removing knots and tension that had built up

What can I say other than amazing. I have never had a massage before and Anita came recommended to me by a friend. After consultation it was decided a sports massage was for me. Anita was able to get deep in to the muscle structure, removing knots and tension that had built up over time. Each morning I wake up with back ache due to an ongoing lower back issue, however the day after my massage there was no lower back pain!! I shall be returning for further sessions. I cannot recommend Anita treatments enough.

Book now, you will not be disappointed.

Paul Skipton
Sales Director

Paul Skipton
June 6, 2014

I cannot recommend Anita’s skills, Professionalism and experience highly enough

I was only 2 days into a 6 day Exhibitor stint at the NEC, when out of desperation, I hobbled across the Park Inn Car park at 7.00pm, amazingly, Anita fitted me in an hour later. I have a fractured neck and plantar fasciitis, have had a fair bit of physio, so was not expecting much to be honest. Extremely professional therapist, ranging from strong appropriate manipulation, to gentle relaxation massage, quite excellent as an experience, but enabled me to survive the 9 hour days at the NEC ! Having had a few massages in the past, I cannot recommend Anita’s skills, Professionalism and experience highly enough. As a person, she is also a delight.

Tim Smerdon
April 17, 2014

Radisson stay was excellant thanks to Anita.

I stayed at the Radisson hotel last week on a business trip, I work away a lot and stay in hotels, The Radisson is very good value for money, nice and clean and gym facilities with pool are excellent for someone like me. But what made my stay even more enjoyable was I had a Relaxing massage treatment from Anita Aheer , who is based at the hotel. With my work I travel 30K mile a year and do get so much tension in my lower back and the back of my neck, Anita used her techniques to help me relax and unwind, I have to say this women is incredible, she has heeling hands, after my one hour session I felt like the world has been lifted off my shoulders.

This is the first time I stayed at the Radisson in Birmingham but I will stay again just for Anita’s treatments.


Talat Ahmed
Sales Director
February 10, 2014

Excellent hotel, staff and facilities!

Anita Aheer - Massage Therapies

Good hotel, with all facilities you would expect to find in a Park Inn hotel. The location is also very good being close enough to the motorway.

Through many stays at the hotel and using the gym/spa facilities I booked a massage treatment with Anita Aheer, and I simply cannot recommend Anita highly enough.

I have now become a regular client because her treatments are so good, thorough and consistent. I feel like a new person after every session I have with Anita who tailor’s it according to my body needs.

It’s truly priceless the amount of pain relief she has bought to my body and lifestyle through her knowledge and experience. She is abundant in energy and tips which help you maintain the treatment at home.

Even if you are not looking to stay at this hotel I would definitely recommend booking a treatment with Anita.

Stayed July 2013, travelled on business

Shani Dhandha
Events Manager
February 10, 2014

Anita’s knowledge and understanding was incredible.

I had a Hot Stones Healing Massage / Sports Massage with Anita Aheer.

Anita’s knowledge and understanding was incredible.
She really listens to what you and your body needs.
I would thoroughly recommend any of Anita’s Treatments.

Cat James
Breakfast Show Source: TripAdvisor Review

Cat James Fresh
Cat James Fresh & Cat Breakfast Show Free Radio
February 10, 2014

I had a Hot Stones Healing Massage

Anita Aheer - Massage Therapies

I had a Hot Stones Healing Massage

Anita’s knowledge and understanding was incredible.
She really listens to what you and your body needs.
I would thoroughly recommend any of Anita’s Treatments.


Cat James
February 10, 2014

I stayed in the hotel as I was attending a family function on a weekend and this hotel was easy to get to ( just off motorway junction) and cheap. I was surprised at the quality of the room, I expected much less but was very happy with the ensuite, cleanliness, and the very warm and friendly welcome I got from the staff. There is a very nice chill out lounge which is a great place to just sit and unwind for a few minutes in the evening.
The best part of my stay was a massage I received from the massage therapist in the Spa – Anita. I don’t often write reviews and actually I wouldn’t have written this one had it not been for the exceptional massage I received. If there is one thing you must do when staying in this hotel, it is to book a massage with Anita. Her massage room was cosy, chilled out and had an amazing warm vibe. Anita herself is bubbly, professional but down to earth. More importantly she knows what she is talking about! She gave me follow up advice after my massage and got rid of some very stubborn knots! Without a doubt one of the best massages I have ever received!

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Teacher Leeds
January 3, 2014

Well worth every penny of the £50 – Thank you Anita!

Had a fab overnight stay at the Park Inn Birmingham West last weekend.
Lovely reception when we arrived and got a double room upgrade – only cos I was a cheapskate and booked a twin! One of the best hotel breakfast’s ever – loads of choice on the hot counter – constantly being re-stocked, but as I am being healthy I was spoilt for choice with cereal, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, soya milk, yogs, fresh fruit, etc.
However, the best part was the day I spent at ‘Inaction’ the hotels leisure facilities.
Although the pool was quite small, there was a fab warm jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, gym and best of all the sports massage by Anita Aheer. I would recommend anyone looking for a value for money pamper session, to book in for an overnight stay and spend the day at Inaction (and definately include a massage). Having spent the last 6 months training, I was due a good massage and I wasn’t dissapointed. Well worth every penny of the £50 – Thank you Anita!

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Jeremy Tudor
January 3, 2014

Nice hotel. Very therapeutic massage by Anita. Excellent facilities

I totally enjoyed the great facilities such as the gym, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool! I then followed this up with a sports massage due to a shoulder injury. The physiotherapist Anita was superb, very knowledgeable and professional, she identified all my problem areas. Following my massage I immediately felt the benefits. I Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Stayed October 2013
Civil Servant
West Midlands

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Nabeal Rafai
Civil Servant West Midlands
January 3, 2014

Great massage my Anita!

Stayed here due to work meetings close by. Hotel itself is ok and clean only moan really was the shower in the room although it was relatively new there was virtually hardly any water coming out of it so ended up having to finishing washing my hair in the sink. Decided to book in for a massage within the leisure facilities at the hotel with by far the best massage I’ve had to date and if I’m ever in the area again will definitely be back for another! Along with a good massage great friendly service and gave me some good advice.

Stayed October 2013

January 3, 2014

A word of appreciation for Anita

It has been a little while ago, but better late than not.
We spent our weekend at Park Inn Birmingham West while returning back to Kent from Liverpool. I would like to thank Anita to accommodate a massage appointment for all three of us at very short notice. This time Anita introduced a targeted therapy for me and my girl friend during the massage session. It helped me greatly with a bit of RSI kind of pain in my right forearm and wrist. Even a 20 mints treatment helped a lot to relax the muscles and I would highly recommend it to anybody facing similar problem, probably due to excessive use of computer and laptops.
Thank you Anita and we look forward to see you soon. Jay

Stayed October 2013, travelled with friends

Jay D Royal
Tunbridge Wells
January 3, 2014

Good location ,great message

if you are driving. Fairly good breakfast and service. Ample parking. Rooms are a bit smaller than expected for movement if you check in double occupancy. Had a great messageby Anita aheer , she works like a physio . Had massages around the world, this has been the best so far.

Stayed November 2013, travelled on business
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Aktalwar Mumbai
January 3, 2014

An average hotel, thankfully the massage was the saving grace

I recently stayed at the park inn and whilst i was there i booked a massage with Anita. To say it was good would be an understatement. Anita is fantastic, i felt a hundred times better. I would recommend Anita to everyone who stays at the Park Inn. I will certainly be booking a massage the next I go.

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Malcolm Bland
January 3, 2014

A massage with Anita puts ranks to this hotel as a premier destination

Anita Aheer - Massage Therapies

When you move around this hotel you feel a relaxed atmosphere that belies its proximity to the motorway. However, in addition, there is a hidden jewel, and you need to seek it out as it has great value. That jewel is a massage experience with Anita Aheer. This lady knows her craft and puts her skills to use, providing you with a relaxing and invigorating experience, that pushes her competitors into the shade. In terms of massage and posture assessment Anita has no equal. I will return.

Ralph Savage
Business Advisor
Source: TripAdvisor Review

Ralph Savage
January 3, 2014

She’s extremely wonderful in what she does

I did lots of online research to find a suitable hotel for us, a group of girls, who wanted a relaxing weekend away near birmingham.. We all had certain criteria for our hotel choice: free wifi, pool with jacuzzi, steam room & sauna, breakfast, ample free parking, and we all agreed we wanted to find a hotel that had spa treatments available on site so that we could all chill out by the pool whilst we each went for our massage treatments. We also wanted a hotel that was near some restaurants and a cinema, since we all just wanted to relax and enjoy some “me” time away from our kids for the weekend!
After lots of research, we found the Park Inn which was close enough to Birmingham city centre if we wanted to venture out to the centre, and it ticked all the boxes that we wanted.. The new shopping complex New Square was recently open too which had a new Odeon cinema, restaurants such as Prezzo, Harvester.. And also a big stylish Tesco extra! Most importantly, the hotel had an on site Massage Therapist. We read lots of reviews from previous people who have stayed at the hotel, who highly recommended the massage treatments they booked with Anita, the massage therapist. We went ahead to book the hotel and book our treatments for 1:30pm… We arrived at the hotel and even though it was a little early to check in, the friendly hotel staff did their best to ensure our room was ready as soon as possible.. We checked in and then went to the fitness centre to use the pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and have our booked massage treatments. We met Anita, the message therapist, at 1:30pm, and we each enjoyed the most amazing massage treatments. We were very surprised that Anita was highly qualified in lots of different massage techniques, such as Indian head massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, Thai foot reflexology, aromatherapy massage, and she also has had vast experience teaching yoga. I have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed our treatments that were each tailored to what we individually needed! Not only that, Anita also gave us all some very helpful tips and advice about stretches and exercises that we each needed to help with our different back, neck, hip, leg issues we had! Our weekend away was pretty much focused around our spa treatments, and it was most definitely the best decision we made, to stay at this hotel and book massage treatments… Anita was extemely friendly and helpful, not forgetting to mention, her massage treatments were absolutely bliss! She’s extremely wonderful in what she does, and we were so amazed at how hard working she was! We started our treatments at 1:30pm and she didn’t finish the last treatment with us till 7pm! Our spa treatments were a great start to our relaxing weekend away from our kids! After enjoying the pool & treatments, we returned to our hotel rooms to freshen up before going out for dinner & cinema.
The hotel itself is very welcoming, as the lobby is very stylish with comfortable sofas. There’s also on site costa coffee which we enjoyed every morning, as it was open from 7:30am… Not that there is anything wrong with the coffee provided in the hotel room, but if you have fresh costa coffee option available downstairs, then it’s definitely an incentive to get up early out of bed to get a fresh coffee! Especially as we are all so used to getting up early with kids! Those with kids will understand!! The restaurant is also very nicely set out and inviting, and if we had wanted to dine in the hotel, the menu option was very good.
There was a wedding function going on during the weekend we stayed, and we were a bit worried that there might be a lot of noise as our rooms were very near the function rooms.. But surprisingly, once our room door was shut we couldn’t hear anything so it was great! The hotel rooms were very clean, bright, quite spacious, and very modern. The bathroom was wonderful as the showers were awesome! Very modern decor, and we loved the overhead shower! The beds & pillows were very comfortable too.
I think the location of this hotel was perfect as it was close to birmingham town centre, and the cinema shopping complex was only 4 mins drive away. The Tesco extra was also handy too, as the weather had turned cold from the hot period we had in uk, and we all brought summer clothes with us! It was very convenient to have Tesco extra there as we were all able to buy a jacket or cardigan when the clothes shops were all closed!
All in all, we enjoyed our relaxing weekend, which we have to say, it was all down to Anita, who made a great wonderful start to our weekend! The massage treatments really were the highlight of our whole weekend away! We all recommend this hotel and HIGHLY recommend you book treatments with Anita! You will certainly not be disappointed! It’s a shame we don’t live anywhere near West Bromwich, otherwise we’d all be regular clients for Anita’s massage therapies!

•Stayed July 2013, travelled with friends

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Dr Sissie Wong
August 16, 2013

Relaxing Pregnancy Massage -Definitely coming again as Anita’s massage was worth it!

I went to the Park Inn as they were very reasonably priced and they had leisure facilities. I specifically wanted a pregnancy massage and I had read many good reviews on trip advisor about Anita who is the massage therapist at the hotel.
I have to say, the massage made my stay worth it as it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. She was very considerate of my stage of pregnancy and even finished off the massage with some free Reiki. I would definitely come back again to have a massage with her.
The hotel was clean and the beds were comfortable. The staff were very helpful and friendly; however, my room rate did not include breakfast which was a shame. Saying this, it was good affordable accomodation without all the fancy frills and value for money as it is close to Birmingham city centre (tho you do need to drive as the public transport links are not that easy).
I would definitely go again as Anita’s massage makes it worth a trip to stay at the hotel.

•Stayed July 2013

Maisie Wong

Maisie Wong
August 16, 2013

Great Weekend Break”

I am writing this review to summarize our experience we had in Park Inn, as we stayed here over this weekend.
We are a regular visitor of Park Inn now and make a reason to stopover or sometimes just come here to chill on weekends.
This time we were welcomed by Michael on the Reception who was very kind to accommodate our room preference in spite of the busy weekend (we reached at around 3.30 am in the night on Saturday). He was very courteous, patient and welcoming. In fact I may have made him repeat the postcode of the place at least five times, while booking over the phone and he did it as gladly as, the first time.
One of the star attractions of this place is Anita – the Masseur. She is part of the reason why we like this place. A nice massage from her really makes the day. She is highly knowledgeable in the anatomy and physiology of the body, so you are always in safe hands. Apart from that she is very passionate about her work, always smiling and very energetic.
Over the period she has helped me overcome the stiffness in my neck through deep tissue massage. This time she introduced Reiki into the session, and it was really magical. You got to try it, to feel the effect as it was very different for me to what my girl friend has experienced (As both of us took a massage session from her).
I am very fond of massages and have tried it in many different parts of the world from Thailand, Kerala (India) to Spain (Orgiva), I can say without any hesitation that she is one of the very best in her profession. She makes one feel very relaxed and also brings in a whole spiritual angle to the treatment which complements and deepens the physical relaxation to a great degree.
•Stayed July 2013, travelled as a couple

Jay D

Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Source: TripAdvisor Review

Jay D
August 16, 2013

Worth it just for Anita’s massage therapy

Stayed over for a business trip, overall good facilities at this hotel with ample free parking and health club. Did not use the pool but opted for a holistic reiki massage with Anita who is the therapist there, this was incredible! Anita will certainly help you select the right treatment which will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. This is the main reason I would definitely return.
•Stayed July 2013

Vijay Sachin

Vijay Sachin
August 16, 2013

I had a wonderful back and shoulder massage by Anita who was very helpful and professional

Stayed here with a group of friends for my hen weekend and was pleasantly surprised. All the staff were very helpful and friendly, especially James at reception who welcomed us on arrival. The hotel was clean and breakfast plentiful. Would definitely stay again. I had a wonderful back and shoulder massage by Anita who was very helpful and professional (would certainly recommend) Unfortunately some other members of my group had very disappointing manicure and pedicures with the beautician, nail varnish was old and gloopy, they had to remove their old nail polish themselves, and there was no foot or hand care. However that does not take away from the other benefits of staying here. I would love to know how to get hold of the pillows they have, they were amazingly comfortable. I would love to buy some.
•Stayed May 2013, travelled with friends

Carole S

Plymouth, United Kingdom

Carole Swales
August 16, 2013

Best thing is the Massage Therapist!

I spend a lot of time in this hotel and it is FINE. Cheap and cheerful and it has got (a little ) better over the last year or so….but, The Massage Therapist, Anita at Inaction is just amazing. She is the best thing about the whole place! Go and see her to de-stress, reduce your aches and pains and rejuvenate.
Ask at reception to book her in or google her. She is amazing!
•Stayed May 2013, travelled on business

Oliver Kane, Senior IT Technician


Oliver Kane
Senior I T Technition Interserve
August 16, 2013

Great value and service

I had to stay here as I was attending a trade show at the NEC the next morning. I have stayed in Radisson hotels many times in many locations and this was certainly up to the standard I would expect – it is both professional and friendly at the same time. The restaurant offered great food at good prices, there was plenty of room in the bars and lounges and the rooms were perfect. I was very happily surprised to find out that not only did they have a spa but they also had massage treatments available – I booked one with run by Anita Aheer and it was the best sports massage I’d ever had. I had a problem in my leg from running and she managed to assess it and give me a recovery program in no time at all. In the morning the breakfast here was plentiful and varied as you would expect and i am now just booing again to go back this week as I need to be in that part of the world again and know that it will be a very good stay as well (with another sports massage as well)

•Stayed April 2013, travelled on business

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Darryl Osbourne
Sales Director
August 16, 2013

I was spoiled and treated like a queen!

I was sent to Anita’s on my birthday as a gift for relaxation and massage therapy. From the moment I walked in to Anita’s therapy room to the moment I left I was spoiled and treated like a queen!

Upon arriving, I was greeted by Anita with a very warm welcome. She took the time to get to know me and understand what treatments I needed and which worked best for me so that she was able to tailor each treatment to my individual needs.

Each treatment/massage was blissful, calming and relaxing.

I highly recommend Anita to anybody who is in need of some relaxation or even suffers from back/neck/shoulder pain – she works wonders! She even took the time out to call me the day after to make sure that I was ok and made further recommendations and tips for exercises to help me with my back pain.

If you don’t spoil yourself – spoil someone you love with massage with Anita! It was definitely one of the best birthday presents I have received!

Thank you Anita for making my birthday so warm, relaxing and special! xxx

Sundeep Kaur Lawer
August 11, 2013

whole heartedly recommend Anita and her treatments.

I suffer from arthritis which in turn affects my hamstrings. After the first treatment with Anita the difference has been amazing and I can whole heartedly recommend Anita and her treatments.

I am also grateful for the time she spent after the treatment explaining a number of exercises to help me in my condition which have been so beneficial to me.

Thank you Anita.

Brian Morgan
Environmental Officer

Brian Morgan
Environmental Officer Wolverhampton
July 8, 2013

I will be definitely going back !! 10/10

I cannot begin to recommend Anita enough, I booked Anita for a sports massage as I was having an ongoing problem with my legs and not getting out running for some time and this was becoming very frustrating.

I visited the Dr who referred me for an Xray and MRI scan which came out clear. I was becomming even more anxious not haveing a name to my ‘painful symptoms’ that were holding me back from my daily running, until I was scheduled to work at West Bromwich Tesco site.

I am glad I was booked to stay at the Park Inn by Radisson Birmingham West Hotel where I found Anita. I visited her website and read her clients testamoneis and decided to visit her. She immediately identified where the route of my pain was stemming from by carrying out a detailed consultation with tests.

After showing me stretches to do before and after my running Anita got on with the massage treatment. An hour later I could not believe the difference. The knots, stiffness and muscle fatigue were all relieved and I felt both invigorated and refreshed. Within a week after following Anita’s pain management programme I was free to run again. It felt great to be pain free again.

I was impressed with her physical ability to treat me as well as her ability to understand me as an individual who enjoys running was also insightful. A very gifted holistic healing therapist.

I will be definitely going back !! 10/10

Paul Gray
Tesco Site
Park Inn Guest

Paul Gray
May 15, 2013

Anita is AMAZING

What can I say that hasn’t been said!? Anita is AMAZING. I see her regularly as I work across the road at Interserve and spend a lot of time on a computer. She totally revitalises me and takes a lot of pride in her work. She offers a unique massage which combines deep tissue and relaxation. Don’t just take my word for it, book in and see/feel for yourself!

Oliver Kane
IT Consultant

Oliver Kane
May 10, 2013

Anyone would be very impressed!

Just had a tailor made sports/relaxing massage and I have to say that Anita is wonderful and amazing – she is both professional but also makes you feel really relaxed, comfortable and like you’ve been going to her for years! I had a problem on my leg from running and before I’d even spoken to her she had worked that out herself, amazing skill.
I would recommend anyone try her out because they will be very impressed, as I was.

April 17, 2013

happy to recommend Anita for sports massage and all other services she offers

I recently employed Anita whilst staying at the local hotel for a one hour sports massage.
Anita has a very clean and professional place of work and I was made to feel very comfortable during the session.
The massage was very enjoyable and therapeutic. Anita has a good depth of knowledge as well as sound massage technique. I am more than happy to recommend Anita for sports massage and all other services she offers. I will be returning to her when in the area.
Thank you again Anita.

Bruce Loome
Professional Golf Teacher

Bruce Loome
Professional Golf Teacher
February 20, 2013

 This lady knows her stuff

Quality sports massage last night 🙂 this lady knows her stuff:) worth the money any day.

Max Kyrlakides
Hotel Guest

Max Kyrlakides
February 14, 2013

Brilliant advice!

I was suffering from neck pains the first time I visited massage therapies. I was given a full proffessional consultation on what the reasons might be and the various ways I could resolve my problem. Anita dealt with me thoroughly and very proffesionally and after a few visits my neck pain was non existent. Additonally, Anita showed me various stretching exercises and gave me brilliant advice on what to do in order to prevent my pain from reoccuring.

I was very pleased with the treatment and would recommend highly of massage therapies

Hardeep Dhaliwal
Pharmacy Student
Great Barr
West Midlands

Hardeep Dhaliwal
February 11, 2013

The Holistic deep and soft tissue massage was fantastic.

Due to the lifting I do at work and long hours driving I get a lot of aches and pains.
I didn’t really know what kind of massage I needed but after a consultation with Anita she knew exactly what would be best.
The Holidtic deep and soft tissue massage was fantastic.

Anita puts you completely at ease and has such a warm caring personality you can’t help but relax.
The time she takes to show you stretches mean you don’t feel rushed and they really do work.
I will certainly be going again next time I am Birmingham.

Thanks Anita
Malcolm Bland
Service Engineer
Park inn hotel guest

Service Engineer
February 8, 2013

Full professional consultation

I was suffering from neck tension for some time so I was recommended by 2 people to pay a visit to Anita. On my first visit I was given a full professional consultation with various tests identifying the route cause of my tension in my neck. Anita was able to analyse my posture within minutes and knew where the problem stemmed from and provided me with a sports massage to improve my tightness. Anita knew exactly where to apply pressure and to relieve my pain and tension. She offered me a realistic aftercare plan to maintain my posture too.

I was very pleased with the treatment and would strongly recommend to others.

Raj Sahota
Support Worker

Raj Sahota
Birmingham Support Worker
January 23, 2013

This was the best massage I ever had

Anita came highly recommended by my family and friends, so my Mom sent me to see Anita to look at my tensed shoulders and lower back pain. In a short space of time Anita’s consultation identified my concerns and I was treated with her Holistic Massage. This was the best massage I ever had, I was completely relaxed during the massage yet revitalised after I left. The effects of her massage lasted for weeks.

I have had many massages when on holiday, but Anita’s massages is the most healing and therapeutic I have ever experienced. The room is relaxing, the music is soothing and Anita’s personality is very friendly, non-judgmental yet professional. This combination makes the whole experience peaceful and everlasting.

Anita found time to give a realistic fitness lifestyle plan that I am still able to follow whilst doing my everyday chores such as simple stretches that help me reduce the stiffness in my legs from all the walking that I do everyday.
Thanks Anita, will see you soon.

Simran Bahia
Handsworth Wood

simran bahia
January 20, 2013

Massage left me feeling relaxed yet energetic

This was my first massage ever. I am a member at the Park Inn Gym and had seen the advertising for the massage therapies offered by Anita. I was given a full consultation on my first visit and was taken through a routine consult and then a more in-depth consult relating to my lifestyle. I had a 60 minute Holistic Revitalisation Massage which left me feeling relaxed yet energetic. After a couple of days I still felt energetic. I would definitely recommend one of these massages, especially if your day to day work involves daily desk work and some long driving hours.


Jaz, Birmingham
IT Consultant
January 9, 2013

I suffered a lot of back pain in the past, seen various medical professionals including my doctor on a number of occasions. The only real benefit I have received is from Anita’s massage sessions, as she combines all her academic knowledge with her experience in targeting the areas that effect you the most. Would highly recommend her to anyone for pain relief and relaxation.

Rav Birring
RAC Advisor

Rav Birring
RAC Advisor
January 9, 2013


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Fatema Delair
11:51 18 Jun 24
Had been suffering from regular headaches so I arranged an appointment for an Indian head massage with Anita. She was very helpful over the phone and booked me in on the same day. On arrival Anita completed a consultation and we decided on a combination of Indian head massage, eastern facial for my sinuses and a relaxing sports massage. The treatment was very relaxing and Anita also gave me some suggestions on my posture and exercises I can do to work on my upper leg. I would highly recommend her. she really knows her stuff. I will be coming back soon . Thank you more
Kas Aheer
11:21 18 May 24
Hi Had my first massage session with Anita today. Session was gifted to me so was very excited to be undergoing this massage. Was greeted with a lovely smile. I found it great that I was asked what I wanted from the session so felt my needs mattered. Anita listened to the needs of my body all through the session. I had many aches and issues i didn’t know I had. Anita dealt with them and in addition gave me supportive material for ongoing support. As a patient who is receiving ongoing cancer treatment Anita was also a good listener and I felt I could talk to her as if I had know her years. The session was very professional but in another sense quite up lifting. The best part of the session was Anita realigning my core part of my body as I felt this helped the healing of the remaining parts. Will definitely will book again after I have done my supporting exercises. Thank you Anita for being you. KR Kasread more
Hardeep Singh
14:32 16 May 24
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a deep tissue massage, and it was nothing short of transformative. From the moment I arrived, Anita made me feel completely at ease with her warm and welcoming demeanor. The massage itself was exceptional. Anita’s technique is impeccable; she intuitively found and worked through every knot and area of tension with just the right amount of pressure. Her expertise in deep tissue massage is evident, and she takes great care to ensure her clients are comfortable throughout the session. I left feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated, with a significant reduction in muscle tightness and pain. If you're looking for a highly skilled masseuse who truly cares about her clients' well-being, look no further. I can't recommend her services enough!read more
Mairita Tabunova
12:21 13 May 24
I heard lots of good things about Anita and her treatments so I decided to book myself in too for an holistic relaxing massage and it was totally awesome, she made me feel completely relaxed and I must say Anita lives up to all the reviews written for her and what her clients said about her treatments. Anita made sure she worked on the tighter areas of my body a little longer and I still felt I was with her for hours like I had escaped into a holiday. I highly recommend Anitas relaxing services if you want a relaxing massage with care and attention to more
Rana Braich
11:06 11 May 24
I came in with tightness and stiffness in whole my body specially my legs.i left the session with much more movement, Anita gave me a sports therapy massage treatment explaining why my body was tight and then stretched it for me. She then gave me exercises to help me maintain my body at home. I will be coming back for more maintenance treatments and will happily recommend her to everyone. If you’re in any kind of discomfort give Anita a more
Pawan Dhillon
06:13 10 May 24
I’m a construction worker with lots of tightness and tension in my body with lower back issues. After Anita assessed me she gave me the assisted stretching treatment with sports therapy which was exactly what my body needed. Anita is very knowledgeable, experienced and a very genuine person. My body is now a lot loser and my back is totally better. I’ve had Accupuncture, cupping and relaxing massages in the past but they never worked for me. Anita came recommended as well as great reviews which are completely true. If you’re looking for getting better, get motivation, and a great service from a qualified professional then give Anita a call. I highly recommend more
Simi_K Gill
17:21 09 May 24
Wow! What an experience with Anita! I just had the most amazing pregnancy massage and have left feeling like a new person. I am currently in my third trimester and have been struggling with muscle pains in primarily my back, hips and feet. I booked Anita after seeing such great reviews of her work and she did not disappoint. This is not your average relaxing massage, this is a massage with intent and purpose, really focusing on all your pain points and helping to relieve the tension. Anita took her time with each area and I felt instant relief as she worked into each focus area using sports massage techniques. The energy Anita had as soon as I met her was really positive that I instantly felt so comfortable with her and created such a calming environment through the whole massage. I love how Anita explained what she was doing and how it was going to help as she went along, it really helped me to understand what I was getting which gave me a lot of reassurance given that this was during a key time in my pregnancy. Anita did a short consultation beforehand to really understand my problems so that she could tailor the massage to suit me and my needs. I have previously had a pregnancy massage and it was a very standard, relaxing massage but this massage with Anita stood out and actually helped to resolve my muscle pain instantly. She doesn’t rush and really takes her time and I felt like I really got proper attention which really sets her apart. She identified some long standing issues that I hadn’t realised e.g. posture issues which have built up over the years causing some of these key pain points that have heightened through pregnancy. It really helped me understand why I have these aches and pains. Anita had calming music on and communicated with me throughout, really helping me to open up and relieve mental and emotional tension which was so uplifting. I have had acupuncture for my back pre pregnancy which was temporary relief but even after one session with Anita, I have felt a huge difference. The upper body rehabilitation provided was above and beyond what I thought I would get from this session and Anita also took her time with giving me exercises to carry out post massage to keep the aches and pains at bay. I can’t wait to book back in with her again. Thank you for your amazing service, I would really recommend Anita for pregnancy massages and sports massages, she knows her stuff and the pressure and intensity of the massage was fantastic!read more
Jasvinder Brar
18:16 26 Apr 24
I'm constantly on my feet running around doing loads of housework and enjoying looking after my lovely grandchildren. Eventually my body gets tired and stiff so my son booked me a treatment with Anita again. In both treatments Anita was able to scan my body and get to the problem areas straight away. She dealt with my sciatica issues very quickly and reduced the stiffness in my neck and shoulders too. I felt the relief and benefits straight away as well as for many weeks after. Allowing me to carry on pain free with my daily activities. I will strongly recommend Anita's therapies to anyone who is constantly busy with life and have tightness, tiredness, stains or any other discomfort in their body to visit Anita.she is very experienced and knows her field completely. You will leave feeling refreshed, like new. Amazing more
23:08 24 Apr 24
If you are looking to ease your tension in your shoulders, back or legs Anita is the best therapist you are going to find. Within a few minutes of me walking into her clinic she was able to identify my tension areas coming from my posture and work on them through massage, stretching and advice to go home with. Anita is highly qualified and very experienced yet down to earth so easy to speak to. I will highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you Anitaread more
dalip singh
13:37 24 Apr 24
I am recovering from a frozen shoulder and muscular pains so I saw anita for a full body sports and holistic massage. Highly experienced person who helped me become totally comfortable, pain free and I look forward to my next visit. Highly recommend Anita's services to anybody with any discomfort in more
Valbinder Kaur
14:17 23 Apr 24
A beautiful experience today with Anita. The service she supplied was excellent,,would recommend to any body. She advise’s on exercise’s that your body requires, she gives way and beyond advice. The massage was deep and more
N Ali
15:22 20 Apr 24
Spent quite a while looking for someone that could help with upper body aches and pains. Booked a massage with Anita. Anita tailored the massage to my needs. She not only explained what she was doing but also why. I could feel the benefits straight away. Anita supplemented the treatment by giving me several exercises to do. If you are having pain, I would definitely recommend more
Chunhan Lee
11:05 20 Apr 24
I had an amazing experience with my massage therapist. Anita is incredibly skilled and attentive to my needs(low back). After the session, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her services!read more
Rares Todora
14:13 11 Apr 24
Anita was recommended to me by friends and I initially saw,hef fir my upper back which was better after the first session. After a year i saw her for my lower back problems which csme from my poor posture at work and withi 5 minutes of seeing my body Anita was able to assess and help resolve my back pain Straight away. I was slowly give some simple exercise to go home. Thank you Anita!read more
Josefina Santambrogio
08:02 18 Mar 24
I went to see Anita during a weekend away as had hurt myself during training a few days before so needed a sports massage. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She explained everything she was doing and after my treatment, sent a load of information through for me to do at home. I 100% recommend Anita and would go back myself if I lived around the area!read more
Taylor Whiting
19:22 16 Mar 24
Anita was really friendly from the first phone call we had right through to the end of the session. She made me aware of the importance of stretching and my mobility and the muscle imbalances I have that could cause further injuries in the future. I will be using the advice she so kindly gave me to help keep me injury free. Would very highly recommend more
H Kaur
14:08 13 Mar 24
I have being going regularly to Anita for many years. Receiving mainly sports therapy for stiffness in muscles which really helped me loosen up and also improved and straightened my posture. Motivated me to do the right exercises to maintain it. Since then I have had two children and had pre and post natal massages and therapies and this helped my body in recovery after birth and also feeling more comfortable in pregnancy. Also giving breathing teachniques/ exercises/ health program to maintain the improvements made during therapy. I have never had any comparable treatments from other therapists. Anita is able to holistically look at the root causes of pain and target treatment accordingly. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone looking for help with any aspect of their more
D Singh
06:48 07 Mar 24
Anita gives great care and attention to detail. I've never felt so seen, any advice or guidance I've had in the past was intended to help the majority but now I've learnt my body's needs are very specific and individual. Anita made sure I was performing her recommended exercises carefully and I left standing taller and looser than more
Zayyan Ali
15:49 28 Feb 24
I was recommended by a friend to see Anita for my lower back pain that I had for over a week and had to take time of my construction work job Anita was able to point out exactly the route of my problem which was sciatica. She gave me a sports therapy in which used various techniques like pressure points, massage, and assisted stretching to relieve my lower back pain and by the end of the session my pain had gone. If you’re suffering from any ailments I would recommend Anita to you. I know I will be to my friends and family thank you Anita I’ forward to my next more
dalvir singh
07:31 20 Feb 24
As a lorry Driver I been many other places my back pain issue but Last time I had sports massage for lower body as I had sciatica pain & Anita she recommend me some good exercise and pain is relief nowToday i had Holistic Massage therapy with breathworks, foot and head massage tailored for bodies & I feel very relaxed now i highly recommend try to use Anita therapy massage. very very good service. thanks .read more
Sharan Saini
16:32 24 Jan 24
Anita is absolutely amazing, spends proper time with you and makes you feel important and not rushed. Treatment was brilliant and left feeling a lot lighter. Thank you for everything Anitaread more
Manoj Mehta
19:20 19 Jan 24
I'm a hgv driver and have been suffering from long term back pain for some time due to long hours in a constant sitting position in driving. So I booked a sports therapy session with Anita. She immediately found the problem and released the stiffness through trigger point therapy and massage. My muscles are now much more lose , with freedom in movement. Anita is competent, intelligent and completely dedicated in her work. Thank you , I will recommend to my more
Oliver Power
16:43 03 Jan 24
Very impressive! Anita had diagnosed 90% of my issues within 30s of just walking with me. She gave me a list of corrective exercises and taught me how to do each one effectively. The massage was very helpful and removed a huge amount of tension I've been carrying around with me. Incredible service and a very easy more
Kulie Kaur
15:27 20 Dec 23
I would highly recommend Anita, she is amazing and so experienced. I have had a few massages in the past but have never walked out feeling so amazing and light as I did today. Anita got rid of so many knots and has made me feel so relaxed, nobody has been able to do this before. She can pick up on tension in your body without you having to tell her where it is, and she will work on areas that you didn’t even know were affected. She really is amazing at what she does, the whole experience was a beautiful one and spiritual too. She helped me with breathing techniques and has also given me exercises to do at home. She helped me with my posture and watched me how I walk to pinpoint what was causing my issues, and worked on improving this for me. I really can’t explain in words how amazing she is, please book in with her to experience it for yourself. It was honestly magical! Will definitely be returning. Couldn’t explain to my husband how wonderful this massage was so have booked him in so he can experience it for himself. Would highly recommend! ☺️read more
Manpreet Singh
20:11 07 Dec 23
I feel the best massage tbecause I am in a pain quite long time. And I do massage before different different people. But But i'm still in pain but and my friend Suggest to massage the therapist . Now I feel better now thxs anita She is very humble person she talk very nice look like a we are family memberread more
Susanne Virtanen
18:04 07 Dec 23
I've had all sorts of pain in my body and I booked to see Anita to have a pregnancy massage. She evaluated carefully what I needed and I had the best massage ever. I also learnt a lot about my body and where the pain is coming from. She addressed many different issues and ensured that the pressure and techniques were right and effective. She also gave lots of additional tips and suggestions to do at home to help prevent any further aches in the future. I just wish I found her sooner, I would've avoided other massages that didn't really make any difference. Highly recommend Anita!read more
Karisma Visuals
08:11 19 Aug 23
I visited Anita for gut issues that I’ve been experiencing for months. She was so helpful and so knowledgeable, she informed me of many holistic approaches that I should implement in my daily life that will help with my gut. We went through many stretches and breathing exercises which made me feel so relaxed after the session, I really noticed a positive difference within my body. Anita really cares about helping with whatever issues you’re experiencing and makes it her priority to heal more
Henna May
16:25 05 Aug 23
I have been going to Anita for over 5 years now, she has helped my physical and emotional health providing sports massage and holistic therapies. After going to physiotherapy and having no results, I then visited Anita with my bad knee and she instantly knew the root of the problem plus she explained what was causing the pain, and relieved me from my injury that I had for many months. After the 1st session was over she gave me techinques to prevent this from happening again. During all of my massages with Anita she is very professional and also wants to understand her clients mind set by having a thorough consultation to provide a holistic approach. She is caring, friendly, calm and creates a relaxing/comfortable environment. She is very experienced in her profession plus a very kind hearted lady. I will always be an ongoing client of hers. Henna Administratorread more
Ravina Patel
21:43 14 Jun 23
I recently went to Anita for a pregnancy massage and will definitely be booking again in the near future! She makes you feel at ease from the moment you arrive and tailors the massage to your individual needs after having a consultation. Anita used her knowledge to spend time treating my problematic areas. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone who is looking for a massage!read more
Anne Smith
16:38 07 Jun 23
Anita was recommended to me, and I cant recommend her enough! After recovering from breast cancer, I was tired and struggled with muscle pains. She really put me at ease, and was very knowledgeable. Can't wait for my next more
Anita Chander
17:17 22 Apr 23
I had the most amazing experience. I have never had a holistic sports massage and today I was very pleasantly surprised. I was warmly greeted by Anita and before the massage we had a short consultation so that the massage could be tailored for my needs and expectations. I was not disappointed as I felt very energised after the massage which I received in a very clean and comfortable room. As it was a holistic massage I have been given exercises to help my body reset and heal after years of stress. I cannot wait until my next visit. I would highly recommend visiting Anita Aheer as she offers a very unique experience!read more
Lelu Begum
22:07 04 Mar 23
After my second pregnancy my husband recommended Anita through honest reviews. It was a completely new experience and nothing like traditional massages. The moment the session started Anita knew immediately the problems that I had and the aura and atmosphere was so relaxing I felt at ease. As a RN by background i had a lot of problems with upper and lower back due to manual handling. I went for the holistic and pregnancy package. Anita knew exactly the problems I had with my body and made me feel very comfortable with her during her sessions, she provides a tailored one to one session; which focuses on the mind, body and soul. I honestly cannot recommend Anita more
Lisa Haddock
15:42 02 Oct 22
I am a new client of Anita. I was recommended by two friends who have both benefited from seeing Anita. I had pain in both my shoulders my right was especially bad. After an in-depth consultation Anita with all her expertise soon came to an individually tailored method of treatment to realise knots in my shoulders and I gained much more flexibility I was quickly able to reach my arms much higher and pain free . Anita is a very professional and extremely skilled in sports massage. It was clear to see how much she wanted my pain to ease nothing is too much trouble and her passion for her work and to help her clients is first class. Well deserved 5 stars . Thank you Anitaread more
Rasel Ahmed
14:45 15 Jun 22
I would definitely recommend Anita for her excellent professional service. I was here in 2016 After 6 years i came back she recommended me to relaxing sport massage. And i would definitely be back sooner this timeread more
Elesheba Solutions
15:17 12 Jun 22
I am a registered nurse, doing four twelve hour shifts weekly, standing and running around all day causing my right knee to start hurting very badly, when I sat down I could hardly get back up l was in so much pain. I found Anita on the internet and we’ve being working together for a month now, I can truly say she is the best I have been pain free since, she gave me some exercises and stretches to do daily which has helped me tremendously. I am very happy with the therapy I am currently receiving from her, the best I’ve had so far and I have been to quite a few therapists, however, the pain would come back in a few days but its now 1 month since my first consultation and treatment and I have no pain in my knee. Anita is so passionate and committed to what she does, words cant express how great full i more
amandeep matharu
09:23 01 Apr 22
I can’t recommend Anita enough. I’ve been going to Anita for 2 years now, and I honestly don’t trust anyone else to deal with any injuries as affective as Anita will. Always goes above and beyond the level of service, providing not only a great massage service, but also a space to destress and talk over life’s more
Virgo Goddess21
08:15 26 Mar 22
On arrival Anita ensured she took my history and worked with me to exactly what areas needed to be targeted rather than just giving me a one size fits all massage. I am an Occupational therspist as well as having two young kids therefore Im always on the go.Anita gave great sound advise and is confident in what she is saying. Overall she definately was not about the money as she could have just gave me any old massage but she ensured all main areas especially my shoulders which were knotted at tight was dealt with.I felt rejuvanated after the massage as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.Definately more
18:29 07 Mar 22
Anita is the most humblest, kind, caring and well experienced professional person I had come across with. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and she made me feel very comfortable. Within a few seconds she had loosened my strained muscle aches. I felt great after the session. She gave me daily breathing for stress relief and body balance techniques link. She gave me a rehabilitation program and stretches for the body link and some exercises to do at home. Will definitely recommend her she is 5star+read more
Akwinder Johal
10:54 08 Feb 22
I would 100% recommend Anita for her excellent professional service and top quality care. She whole heartedly goes above and beyond in all the sessions to help treat and resolve your health issues. I went to see Anita having read all her positive reviews as I was suffering from sciatica pain radiating to my thigh region. I can truly say I can see why her clients have given such positive feedback and I'm so glad I went to see her - she is amazing at what she does, she is quick to diagnose correctly the problem, she has extensive knowledge in the anatomy of the body and muscles and thoroughly explains everything so you understand the problem and causes. She carried out sports and deep tissue massages with stretches which helped relieve the pain including in other areas where my muscles were knotted and tight. She also put together an exercise program tailored to my specific needs to help relieve and solve the health issues I had. I thoroughly recommend Anita if you have any health issues or just want a top quality more
Danny N
21:22 29 Dec 21
Highly recommend, very professional and informative. I was recommended by a friend who also had a successful treatment. Assessment is carried out to ensure correct excerises are more
Marion Harris
11:56 26 Nov 21
I am over 70 years of age and recently retired returns department worker which left my all body feeling very stiff especially my upper body until I found Anita and I booked a holistic/sports treatment with her. She quickly understood my symptoms and dealt with them thoroughly. She was able to loosen my whole body completely. I am now able to freely move my neck, shoulders and my whole body easily without any pain. I would strongly recommend Anita to anyone who is in need of a great massage to help them as she is an excellent massage more
Dean Courts
16:33 22 Nov 21
Had a problem with my neck and shoulder. Anita gave me various option and carried out her speciality sports holistic therapy. She’s very friendly and informative. Will be going again and highly recommendread more
Jaypee Rajendran
13:02 21 Nov 21
Much needed help. With a few months of lockdown inertia, I developed tenderness and inflammation around my left knee. Not able to bear with the delays in accessing physiotherapist, decided to search for therapy privately. I consider myself very lucky to have come across a thoroughly professional with a lot of experience in this field of muscles and joint injury. Her expertise, motivation and sound advice was priceless. Remaining open minded in accepting help and advice helped me to overcome my personal affliction with my joint. I am one good example of a totally satisfied client with Anita’s sheer experience in this field. Much needed help from Anita. A big thank more
Bhavna Patel
19:11 08 Nov 21
I was booked in for a pregnancy massage which was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend Anita. She knew exactly which parts on the body needed working on and made me feel so relaxed. I will definitely be booking in with her again. She went over and beyond. She is very experienced and her knowledge is creditable. Definitely one of the best massages I’ve hadread more
13:36 11 Jun 21
During the lockdown I have been working from home and at my desk a lot. This has caused my legs to feel tight and cause some knee pain. Anita provided sports therapy with massage along with stretches and with breathing techniques which really loosen the muscles up making me feel lighter and easy to move more
Rajan Mehimi
17:05 29 Apr 21
Booked in my partner here for an hours massage on his back - he said it was great and his back felt much better after. Anita was friendly and makes you feel more
Lee Brookes
17:07 15 Apr 21
I would highly recommend Anita. She was recommended by a mutual friend who she’d previously treated. I had been suffering with lower back pain and from seeing me walk and my posture she figured out my issues. Her knowledge of human anatomy is second to none, she went in to great detail explaining how my issue had occurred and how we would be rectifying it. During the sports massage she made me very comfortable and feel at ease, constantly talking me through the process. After the massage she also gave me numerous exercises to aid and speed the recovery process. Thank you so much for you help more
Kam Dass
14:12 14 Apr 21
Anita made me feel welcome and relaxed, she was uplifting and informative with her knowledge of physical body. The massage therapy was both refreshing and therapeutic. I feel great post massage and will definitely be returning and recommend her services. Thank you more
Kaz Jakeman
16:24 27 Jul 20
Today was my first time having treatment with Anita, having, read all the amazing reviews I knew instantly on booking I would be in great hands, I absolutely was, such a lovely kind and caring lady very professional who would go above and beyond to help you feel better, my treatment was amazing, I felt so comfortable and so relaxed after my treatment, im definitely making another booking and can't wait, amaxing service definitely 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thankyou ☺read more
Sukhvinder Legha
23:03 16 Feb 20
ANITA CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE WITH THIS MASSAGE I GOT! What a talent this woman has! I use to suffer from headaches since a child ( 24 now ) and Anita performed a deep tissue massage on my neck, back, face and shoulders and for the first time in my whole life, I felt a magical change! It was like a strong breeze running through my head as soon as she finished the massage. It was like I could finally breathe after years of suffocation. She eased the pressure of the knotted muscles pushing down on my nerves which was restricting blood flow to my head causing me to have chronic headaches. No other therapist went as deep as she did and I've been to them all! Anita has a extremely powerful touch which she combines with therapeutic healing vibes and great advice! Because of Anita I have gained a sense of freedom because these headaches have finally left me and been managed. GO SEE ANITA!read more
Ed Mcmillan
12:21 07 Feb 20
I have been seeing Anita for treatment for 6+ years now. Throughout this time Anita has done a fantastic job of maintaining and repairing my physique. Her extensive knowledge as a therapist and in my experience unique determination to deliver the treatments, have left me with the best lasting more
- Jas
14:28 05 Feb 20
I am so lucky and blessed to have found Anita, her service and advice was unlike any other. I’ve had neck and back pain for over half a decade and been to multiple different chiropractic clinics ect and nothing compares to the services Anita offers. Definitely recommend her to anyone with and muscle pain/issuesread more
Rajinder Kaur
09:59 28 Jan 20
Anita has always helped me recover from many of my muscle tightness and pains. She has the ability to locate the exact area, causing discomfort / pain and immediately knows how to ease it . I initially came with sciatica in my lower back and leg, during pregnancy which she alleviated in the first session and prevented from re occurring, with follow up advice. I have felt her personal professional advice is exactly tailored to my situation each time, and circumstances. I would definitely recommend Anita to anyone who wants more
bani actot
07:12 02 Oct 19
Im so lucky to have found a sports therapist to give a tailor made holistic relaxing massage today at short notice. I have a poor posture and ongoing leg pains which felt much better after just one session. The moment I walked into the clinic the ambiance made me completely comfortable. More importantly Anita’s in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience in both physical and general well being allowed her to find the root causes of my issues. It’s obvious she is totally passionate in her work and helped me understand how to manage and improve my health concerns both in the short and long term. Finally she also provided me with an exercise programme to follow up. This was the best masssge therapy I’ve ever had! I will definitely be back whilst I’m working in the UK. Thank you more
Narinderpal Bhinder
12:37 01 Oct 19
I would highly recommend Anita to anyone out there looking to be relaxed and helped with muscular tightness. She is a professional sports and relaxation massage therapist I’ve ever come across. Anita helped me with my lower back pain giving me further advice as well as showing me exercises to follow up. She has a great academic background with extensive holistic knowledge of the body and help with pain management. Thanks Narinderread more
Rajan Singh
18:48 28 Jun 19
Anita truly has some magic hands! Helped sort out bad sciatica pain for my mother and my wife. Having had massages done from Anita myself I can say that she knows what you need. She has strength which a lot of other sports massage therapists don't have for those that do need that kind of massage. She is an uplifting and positive person and brings a lovely calm vibe to the massage. And the space she has created to treat her clients is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing! Genuinely brilliant sports massage therapist, the only one I would more
Amandeep Singh
13:13 28 Jun 19
Anita is the best sports massage therapist I’ve ever had (and I have had countless over the past 10 years). I am an architect and usually get shoulder/ neck pain from computer work. Anita is always able to get rid of all knots and provide me with exercises so that I would be able to prevent the issue for future. I live and work in Essex and rarely visit Birmingham. But I make special trips just for a massage, because Anita does such a brilliant job! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!read more
20:01 19 Jun 19
Bless You Anita. My healing Angel thanks to you I can go back to my normal life week after week can't wait to see you again 🙂 All the blessings Lot's of more
Fasal Najib
10:25 15 Jun 19
After suffering with chronic back pain and sciatica for over five years and trying everything from cupping and acupuncture which didn't give me a long term relief, I found Anita by luck and after having a consultation and sports massage waking up today to no pain that I usually wake up to, No more tightness and my body feels loose and ready for the daily challenges! This lady truly knows her stuff when it comes to the anatomy of the body she's provided me with stretches to keep up with and also breathing techniques. I'll be back for more sessions for sure! Thanksread more
Costy Costycus
18:35 14 Jun 19
Hello everyone. I been first time on massage at Anita and I feel good and much better then before. Anita is the best terapist. I strongly recomandet her.
Navu Kaur
20:25 23 May 19
Anita is truly brilliant! I would highly recommend her, I’m no athlete but she suggested a sports massage and it has worked wonders for my lower back pain! It’s not the first time I’ve had a massage from her but each time I feel fantastic after. I’m a student and exam time is stressful but Anita gives me tips on breathing techniques and things I could do myself while I am studying! She’s a God sent!read more
Gurdeep Chohan
16:49 04 Mar 19
First time Ive visited Anita and she really is amaziing even better than the reviews She is easy to speak with because I felt totally comfortable and chose the deep tissue relaxing sports massage now I feel I'm floating and ready for the week. I look forward to seeing you next week. Thank youread more
Shakeel Afzal
17:27 22 Feb 19
This women is amazing at her job and the experience I had was next level if I could give 100 stars I will
Sara Pearce
18:32 21 Feb 19
First time seeing Anita today, I have to say she is amazing, a lovely lady and very professional. I am looking forward too my next treatment. Thank you Anita?
Sarah McGovern
16:29 29 Jan 19
Visiting Anita is the best thing I ever did, I have seen her twice now and have really, really benefited from doing so. Not only did Anita help with chronic pain I’ve had for a long time, she also advised me and gave me further advice and shown me exercises to do at home. After seeing Anita I had a massive burst of energy which I haven’t had in a long time. She really knows her stuff and has a great background and knowledge of the body, anatomy and physiology and pain management. Thank you so much Anita, I look forward to my next session xxread more
Az Iky
16:22 19 Jan 19
Anita provides not only a physical approach but a holistic approach which adds to the experience. She has helped me with long term chronic back/muscular problems of nearly 10 years. While there is no long term cure, Anita provides me with the much needed relief to be able to live my life. She is a credit to the industry and provides a tailored more
Haider Ashfaq
19:52 04 Jan 19
Don't just take my word for it! Give Anita a try! As a sports person who plays competitively every week, I have had my fair share of sports massages across Birmingham. I must say Anita is hands down the best so far! Her application and knowledge is second to none and she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. It's not just the treatment you're getting; you will receive the knowhow about your body and exactly what exercises/stretches you should be doing at home & pre/post exercise. I woke up this morning with a lot of soreness/stiffness is my hamstrings/calves and quads. After this massage I feel very loose, strong and ready for my match tomorrow! Another thing is that there is often a misconception that only those who play sport should have sports massages. Nothing could be further than the truth! Our bodies become stiff from mundane tasks and general work if you're sitting down all day. I highly recommend a sports massage to everyone!read more
Agapito Mitogo Martinez
14:20 13 Dec 18
I came to Anita with lower back pain that made me limp and cause difficulty doing my work which involves delivery and carrying Anita assessed and identifird the problem immediately and still made time to listen to me explain how I felt. My pain had been relived and I can bend again. Since then I have returned to ensure I keep on top of my pain management. Anita has excellent customer service with extensive knowledge so I will strongly recommend more
elma kadiric
13:44 10 Dec 18
I had a sports rehab, deep tissue massage with consultation. To begin with Anita was lovley- really friendly and welcoming! She then talked me through what she would do which i found reassuring. She really targeted the areas i told her i felt most pain. I would definitely recomend her!read more
Piotr Lipien
15:13 05 Dec 18
Anita is the best massage therapist I have experienced. She is very strong as well as gentle and will loosen your body throughout the session. I came to Anita with back pain due to heavy work in my construction work and after the treatment My pain had been relieved. Since then I have returned and will continue. I strongly recommend her to everyone. Thank you more
G Singh
00:50 02 Dec 18
Anita was very professional in her service and seemed really passionate about her craft, shes very friendly and down to earth and puts you at ease right away. Ive been suffering with severe pain in the right side of my upper body for the past couple of months. i have been to the hospital, doctors and a 2 different chiropractors. Even though the issue seemed nerve related, i thought i would try a sports massage from Anita. I had the massage 2 days ago and its the best ive felt in weeks, my range of motion has improved significantly and i feel as though im finally on the road to to recovery. Thanks Anitaread more
Sumeet Girdhani
10:18 12 Nov 18
Great back massage for myself & facial for my wife. Anita is a wonderful lady & was great talking with her. Will be visiting again. Prices are very competitive
Gary Reynolds
18:45 11 Sep 18
My first ever sports massage with Anita has been 100% beneficial. She worked on my shoulder and neck area to release a nagging pain that I had for weeks. After the treatment Anita suggested stretches to help me stay mobile and stop the pain from returning, It's quite obvious Anita is completely professional, passionate and extremely knowlegeable in her work. I would definitely be recommending her. Thank you Anita Gary Health & Fitnessread more
Jason Singh
16:12 10 Aug 18
Well I can only say good things about Anita. I have had massages from alot of professionals but Anita is on a another level! Her vast knowledge and expertise is second to none.i have many old injuries which I have been living with but Anita has set me on the right path to help myself, with also the aid of a sports massages. I shall continue with her for a long time even if it's having relaxing massages or other more
mand kaur
20:31 07 Aug 18
For 7 years I have been in a job which involves a lot of driving at working on a laptop. I have built up a lot of knots and tension in my back and shoulders, and my posture was terrible. I have been going to see Anita for a year and it is always a pleasure to have a session with her. Anita has great instinct when treating me, and gives me exercises and stretches to keep my body strong and prevent reoccurring problems. Anita really works to understand my lifestyle so that her recommendations work for me and are sustainable in the long term. One of the reasons I wholeheartedly recommend Anita is because I believe she does everything she can to help me get better, so that ultimately I can complete treatment for more
Emmanuel Nwolisa
18:08 02 Aug 18
Anita loves her job and that passion is consistently reflected in the way she treats her clients. She puts so much energy in every aspect of her treatment. She takes you through the treatment, making you understand what she is doing and why. I came to Anita with back pain, sciatica and knots in my shoulders and neck pain. Being retired and over eighty, I thought she wouldn't help me. She has helped me so much that I have discovered a new me. She is good, very good. I recommend Anita without hesitation to anybody needing effective tailor made massage therapy to help ease more
Dana Tatar
17:04 04 Jul 18
Amazing massage. It is the first time i have been to Anita for massage and let me just tell you it is amazing. Well worth the money. Gave me a full body massage with stretching and exercises to do home. She is amazing at her job. I recomend this. Its what the body needs Dana Tatar Phlebotomistread more
09:55 23 Jun 18
I don't usually write reviews but I have to say I completely agree with all the excellent ratings Anita has, I've been visiting her for just over a month now and all I can say is "WOW". I've had treatment for my lower back and hip pain for over a year at various other physios and sports massage establishments and none of them have been able to even identify the cause of my pains let alone alleviate them. In one session Anita found and began treating the cause of my pains and I've been getting better and stronger ever since. Something as simple as driving used to cause me a lot of pain but now I look forward to it and I owe it all to Anita. She really puts you at ease and uses different massage therapy techniques suited to your body type to treat you in the best way. You never feel pressured into going back again and again like other places but rather you will want to keep returning yourself when she helps take away your pains. She also encourages you and motivates you to look after yourself independently with with a whole host of exercises which really help strengthen and maintain the benefits from each session. People like Anita are very hard to find, they have a natural passion for what they do, deep knowledge and a positive caring nature to genuinely want to help people. Now I've found her I will be constantly going back to keep my body in great condition. I can't recommend her enough, words can't describe how impressed I've been with her, she is definitely someone who can change your life for the better! Asif (IT Consultant)read more
Amy Brookes
15:16 08 Jun 18
Extremely lovely lady, very friendly and welcoming as was my first ever massage. She has worked wonders on my back just in one session. Already booked in for another session and cannot wait!! Highly more
Kiran Chungh
17:01 06 Jun 18
Found Anita on google and luckily she was local. I managed to get appointments quickly as she is very accommodating. The massage it self was tailored to my needs and was very effective. I would recommend Anita on both service and more
narinder kaur
08:35 30 May 18
I took my mother to Anita after reading such wonderful reviews about her, and the service she provides. It is very clear that Anita is an expert in the field she specialises in, and knows exectly what she is talking about. My mother had been experiencing lower back pain and after seeing Anita, and having a short course of weekly sports massages the pain had gone. My mother has really benefited from this. I highly recommend Anita and the sports massage she provides, as it’s not only for people who do sports, it’s for everyday people like my mother who works in a more
David Moore
15:56 21 May 18
Today i had treatment for back and groin pain. Wish i could leave Anita Aheer more than 5 stars. Passionate and very knowledgeable about her profession. Knew what my problem was as soon as i told her where my pains were. Opted for the full hr therapy. Was really well worth it. Came away moving easier than i have done for years. Pain free at last. Recieved good selection of exercises to keep me stretched out as well. Booked me another session for a weeks time cant wait. 10/ more
Mark Ratcliffe
14:51 04 May 18
Found Anita on google. Had already had treatment from four different specialists 2 osteopaths and 2 acupuncture specialists. I had lost all hope in getting rid of the constant chronic pain in my body esp my lower back After 1 session of a tailor made sports massage from Anita I have more movement than ever before. I’m able to do my job more effectively as a driver. Amazing lady. I would highly recommend. Markread more
Steveer Singh
18:34 02 May 18
I feel so relaxed after a full body sports massage from anita.she focused on my lower back which was in lots of pain and after the treatment my back was free from pain she also identified tension in my shoulders as well as my legs which she also massaged deeply with stretches making them loose and mobile. anita then sent me all the relevant stretches to follow up thank you anita i will be returning soon i would certainly recommend anita to anyone who is looking for pain relief and relaxationread more
Hollie Norton
09:28 24 Apr 18
It's clear straight away that Anita loves her job and you feel straight away that you are her top priority. She has a vast knowledge of the body and gives a prescriptive massage which she explains every step of the way. She also gave me exercises to do at home to ease my symptoms and educated me about my body type and the care it needs. She is nothing short of amazing!read more
Bhagat Singh
20:19 09 Apr 18
Miracle Worker - she provided immediate relief when I was stooped over, couldn't stand straight and in acute pain. A 30 minute session later, i felt i could go for a run. Indebted! Extremely good at what she does. Intuitive, careful, sensitive and professional. Haven't met anyone this more
12:30 10 Mar 18
My work involves a lot of physical activity with repeat climbing and abseiling as an antenna and satalite engineer. I was beginning to feel my back pain again due to my historic lower back injury and was in need of any form of help with the current sciatic nerve pain in my lower back. I found Anita on google and I explained my symptoms to her on the phone. She recommended a sport massage based on the details I gave her. Once I was at her clinic in Park Inn, Anita carried out a consultation identifying the problem area and provided a massage that was tailored exactly to my needs, she targeted the problem area straight away finding the cause of the back pain and every effort was taken to ensure my comfort. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the massage treatment. After the treatment I was able to stand up and bend forward without the lower back pain. I was pleasantly surprised. She even sent me a follow up programme like the Stretches I need to do to help myself. I look forward to my next session. I would certainly recommend Anita to my family and friends. 10/10 reviewread more
claire marshall
16:38 13 Feb 18
I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain for around 2 weeks, a footballer friend suggested a sports massage would help me, even though my condition wasn't due to any kind of sport injury, i work as a receptionist and felt the pain had come from constantly answering the phone and sitting in the same position for long periods. I came across Anita by googling 'sports massage', and was most impressed by previous reviews, i sent her an email and from that my appointment was made at a convenient time to suit myself after i had finished work. Anita is very warm and welcoming, gave me a full consultation and analyzed my problem straight away, she's very knowledgeable in her field and got to work on me straight away! Never had i experienced such a deep penetrating massage, she had explained it would be a bit uncomfortable and talked me through everything she did. She gave me an exercise plan to do at home to ease my symptoms. My pain has eased quiet a lot ( in less than 24 hours) she suggested i may need another visit but left that up to me if i wanted to book. I would highly recommend Anita and wished i'd have visited her sooner! Thankyouread more
jaswinder nijjar
16:28 14 Dec 17
Went to see Anita last week... definitely recommended. She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff! I've been to alot of deep massages and have to say this was the one seemed help the most. I had the Sports Massage due to alot of tension from over the years. She gave exercises to do as well which I been keeping up more
Jack Young
01:55 25 Nov 17
I came across Anita when my usual massage center was fully booked. The reviews were of a high standard so I decided to give Anita ago. A quick phone call and a confirmation text was all it took! I was pleasantly met with a welcoming smile which instantly put me at ease. I'd been working hard and was just looking for a relaxation body massage. Anita tailered the massage to myself and knew exactly how to relax me and what muscles to work before I'd even mentioned what problems i was having. The whole experience was incredible and i really did feel like I was in the clouds. I was completely amazed at how Anita had made me feel, never experiencing a massage like that before. Anita is highly experienced, passionate and and went above and beyond to make my experience better than perfect. I will definitely be returning soon and would reccomend anybody to go see Anita, you will be as amazed as I still am. Thank you, more
Simran Jandu
19:37 03 Nov 17
I work as a bakery operator locally and began to suffer from stiffness in my shoulders so I went on the internet and searched for a deep tissue massage and found Anita Aheer at the park inn hotel off the m5 junction 1 motorway island. Anita immediately knew where my tension was coming from and she advised me to have a sports massage which dealt with the problem within one session. After the session I felt no pain in my shoulders and neck, I felt much more loose than before. I was so glad that I met Anita. I also found her to be a very honest person who listened to me and I will definitely be going back to try a relaxation holistic massage from more
Rakpinder Basra
10:28 03 Nov 17
Hi, I came across Anita 2 years ago and can not thank her enough for helping me. her professionalism, extensive knowledge and geniune desire to treat stood out a mile. I've had treatments before but Anita's sports massage is thorough and deals with the root of the problem. I first heard of Anita through a family member, my brother in law who was suffering from chronic back pain due to his occupation being in a desk based job. He had three sessions and went away feeling a millions times better and with the after care knowledge on how to self treat himself. I visited her and have been doing so for the last two years whenever I feel my body needs an 'MOT" or to motivate me to return to the gym. So I booked a sports massage treatment with an holistic approach. After a free initial in depth consultation / assessment Anita was able to identify key problem areas for me which was my back pain and she explained how it was are linked to my posture, my lifestyle and got straight into working on it. The pain disappeared as soon as I got off the couch which was amazing, I could bend without pain. After the session she took time out and showed me additional exercises and stretches which would help me in the future to treat my back pain. I could tell that Anita was in this profession as she geniunly cared and wanted me to be able to treat my back pain issues my self in the future. I cannot thank Anita enough for helping and enabling me to manage my back pain which had been troubling me for years. I would recommened her to anyone, and I have done so, I have now reffered my wife to book an appointment! thank more
12:03 31 Oct 17
I was suffering from back pain and visited various massage therapists who never really resolved my problem. I then came across Anita Aheer Massage Therapies on google. Where do I start! Anita is very professional and she actually takes time out to understand you and your body. Anita carried out an in depth free consultation which was really beneficial, she also makes sure you understand so you can take it back home and carry out day to day routines yourself. So after assessing me Anita suggested I have a tailor made sports massage, I can honestly say after trying a few other places before Anita is definitely the best yet, as an active person myself who partakes in weightlifting and does boxing this treatment really helped me get back on track after being out for 3 months due to back pain. Once the treatment is complete she checks up on your progress after, she sent me a load of exercises and stretches which have helped me massively day to day. Anita's Massage Therapies Clinic environment is soothing and completely relaxing at the Park Inn, Pace Spa where anita is based, with the option of using other facilities such as the sauna which you can use by buying a day pass at half price courtesy of Anita. Very much recommended will be going back soon!read more
Mandeep B
20:54 24 Sep 17
By far the best deep massage I have had. Anita not only advised me during the session, she gave me tips and exercises to do in my own time. My need for deep tissue was specific to my back. Anita quickly identified where the problem started and was able to alleviate the pain. Great credit should be given to her knowledge, skills and ability. Definitely booking again to keep up with my sports massages. Thank you Anita 🙂read more
Colin Greenley
11:13 19 Aug 17
I was unsure about having any massage to help with problems regarding pain I was having in my ankle and hip over the last few months. Just after one treatment from Anita who advised appropriate stretching incorporating breathing exercises that helped reduce my pain and loose the limp I came in with. Brilliant results. 'm Looking forward to my next session, I can certainly recommend Anita to anyone with aches and pains especially Manual workers who have RSI and anyone who needs relaxation. Collin Printerread more
17:31 07 Aug 17
Excellent massage therapy provided by Anita. I wanted a holistic massage to try and make my pain in my back feel less painful, however after a telephone consultation Anita knew I needed a sports massage. The massage got the pain out of my back out of an hour and I was also provided by Anita with stretches to keep the pain out of my back for a long term recovery. Anita goes out of her way to ensure the best for you and I highly recommend more
Sybert M
10:34 18 Jun 17
During my recent trip to Park Inn, West Bromwich. I was welcomed by a dedicated and very helpful staff team at the reception. The restaurant and bar staff are amazing. The reception staff informed me about a spa attached to the hotel as well as all the facilities accessible to residents. Consequently, I effortlessly booked a massage session with Anita who managed to fit me in her schedule. From the moment I walked in, I found Anita to be friendly and welcoming. She briefed me and explained different optionsThe massage Anita gave me was incredible and she used a holistic approach. Intuitively Anita hit upon all my sore spots and tight muscles and knew how to gently massage away the pain. I enjoyed Anita's phenomenal expertise and knowledge so much, that I booked another session and recommended her to my colleagues. In addition, Anita recommended self help exercises, diet and the use of ancillary therapies at home. I highly recommend Anita's services to anyone who wants a fabulous Massage Experience. It worth travelling to West Bromwich for a magical more
Pamela Samra
11:43 30 Jan 17
Magic hands Anita knows exactly what you need. Once you have a massage from her you won't want to go anywhere else! From pampering to deep tissue she can do it all. Sorted out my lower back and hip pain in one session. And my husbands back and leg pains. I can't recommend her highly enough. read more
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